20+ CSS Chat / Speech Bubble

CSS Chat / Speech Bubble – Are you looking for CSS Chat / Speech Bubble to create a awesome comment / chat like discussion box If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked CSS Chat / Speech Bubble for you. You can use these CSS Chat / Speech Bubble in your next web based to create a awesome discussion layout.

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jQuery CSS Chat / Speech Bubble

Following are the list of jQuery CSS Chat / Speech Bubble.

Chat bubbles in iPhone DEMO

 Chat bubbles in iPhone

This is simple speech bubble mokup displayed on iphone container layout. if you are looking for speech bubble type chat layout to display conversation between two party then you can try it. – By stezu

CSS Chat Bubbles DEMO

 CSS Chat Bubbles

Styled chat bubbles: it is another full paage chat bubble theme layout to display full page chat conversation between two people. you can use this script to display chat conversation on your website or use to create custom chat app. – By andrewerrico

chat bubble DEMO

 chat bubble

how about some rainbow chat 😛 – By jdniki

Skew’d Bubble Dink (CSS) DEMO

 Skew'd Bubble Dink (CSS)

Breaking the box. Uses skew transform to make bubble dink (pointer) break the orthogonal bounding box. – By jasesmith

CSS Chat Bubbles DEMO

 CSS Chat Bubbles

Testing out :nth-child(even) – By boylett

Pure CSS iOS Chat Bubbles Sass Mixin DEMO

 Pure CSS iOS Chat Bubbles Sass Mixin

With a single div. – By dustindowell

Pure CSS Chat Bubble Animations [WIP] DEMO

 Pure CSS Chat Bubble Animations [WIP]

– By alissarenz

Loading screen DEMO

 Loading screen

– By satya164

SVG Chat Bubble Animation DEMO

 SVG Chat Bubble Animation

– By gil–

Chat Bubbles DEMO

 Chat Bubbles

– By alexkulagin

Chat bubble DEMO

 Chat bubble

CSS Only – By gau

Pure CSS3 chat bubbles DEMO

 Pure CSS3 chat bubbles

Pure CSS3 chat bubbles. This demonstrates how you can use css3 border to create shape. – By davepoon

Animated Speech Bubble Nav DEMO

 Animated Speech Bubble Nav

Navigation underline transforms into speech bubble-ish. Inspired by: http://codepen.io/FWeinb/pen/hlEke/ – By schadeck

CSS speech bubble DEMO

 CSS speech bubble

CSS speech bubble w/ a text area, forked from example here http://css-tricks.com/examples/ShapesOfCSS/ – By jamesbarnett

CSS Callouts/Speech Bubbles DEMO

 CSS Callouts/Speech Bubbles

These are four directions of callouts and speech bubbles in single-element css. – By depthdev

speech bubble DEMO

 speech bubble

Just a simple speech bubble with CSS – By skoupidia12000

CSS Speech Bubble DEMO

 CSS Speech Bubble

Simple speech bubble with css – By satrya

Curved Speech Bubble Tail DEMO

 Curved Speech Bubble Tail

Speech bubble, created with CSS3 in order to achieve curved tail. Uses :before and :after – By akwright

Animated Speech Bubble (Bouncy) DEMO

 Animated Speech Bubble (Bouncy)

Animated speech bubble using jQuery and CSS – By KhaledAhmedYounes

speech bubbles DEMO

 speech bubbles

– By cool_lazyboy

Tile Game DEMO

 Tile Game

My first attempt at coding a game using html, css and jQuery. It’s pretty random as far as games go and I know canvas is likely a far better choice here but I just wanted to see if I could pull it off. Anyway… enjoy! 🙂 – By dazulu

Speech Bubble wow DEMO

 Speech Bubble wow

Simple speech bubble – By bchiang7

speech bubbles 3 DEMO

 speech bubbles 3

– By cool_lazyboy

Flat Responsive Speech Bubbles DEMO

 Flat Responsive Speech Bubbles

Simple speech bubbles I used as a client testimonial – By Faunk

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