CSS Toggle Switch Buttons – Are you looking for CSS Toggle Switch Buttons, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked CSS Toggle Switch Buttons for you. Toggle Switch Buttons will help you to display a animated toggle option to on / off status of any action. You must have seen this option in android and ios mobile phone to on / off actions. You can implement smaple feature on your web based project too to enhance user experience.

CSS Toggle Switch Buttons

Following are the list of CSS Toggle Switch Buttons.

Simple Toggle Switch DEMO

  Simple Toggle Switch

Simple Toggle Switch – By Murkee

CSS3 Toggle Switch DEMO

  CSS3 Toggle Switch

A non-JS Toggle Switch built with CSS3. – By craftedpixelz

Yet Another Toggle Switch — A Mock Component DEMO

  Yet Another Toggle Switch — A Mock Component

Stubbing out a labeled toggle switch component without making it a real thing yet. Just working out the interaction mechanics. This auto-sizes itself fairly well until you use on/off labels like “Democratization/Antidisestablishmentarianism”, but for “On/Off”, or “Yes/No”, it’s great. The alignment is weird in Firefox, though :/ – By jasesmith

CSS Checkbox Toggle Switch DEMO

  CSS Checkbox Toggle Switch

Use CSS to style a checkbox input element to appear like a toggle switch. – By cbracco

Soft Ios Toggle Switch DEMO

  Soft Ios Toggle Switch

Soft Ios Toggle Switch – By bork

Accessible on/off Toggle Switch DEMO

  Accessible on/off Toggle Switch

No JS accessible solution for on/off Apple Inspired toggle switch. Styles & structure originated from http://proto.io/freebies/onoff/ – By egoens

Soft Toggle Switch DEMO

  Soft Toggle Switch

I only coded this in a modern and efficient fashion. I did NOT design it. Here is the original design. – By thebabydino

Big Fat Toggle Switch DEMO | TUTORIAL

  Big Fat Toggle Switch

MUST VIEW FULL SIZE!! Functionality learned from http://ghinda.net/css-toggle-switches/ – By AndrewCreech

Toggle Switch – UI Component DEMO

  Toggle Switch - UI Component

Simple toggle switch component – By heyfher

Ionic Labelled Toggle Switch DEMO

  Ionic Labelled Toggle Switch

A simple labelled toggle switch for use in ionic based applications. – By FlashGen

React DailyUI – 015 – On/Off Toggle Switch DEMO

  React DailyUI - 015 - On/Off Toggle Switch

Day 15 of 100 – React Daily UI. Today is an On / Off Toggle Switch. Cool. :) – By jackoliver

CSS Toggle Switch (Customizable) DEMO

  CSS Toggle Switch (Customizable)

Fully customizable toggle switch made out of CSS. Inspired by the ones found in iOS. – By alexerlandsson

On/off toggle switch with checkbox (No JavaScript) DEMO

  On/off toggle switch with checkbox (No JavaScript)

– By jonsuh

Toggle Switch DEMO

  Toggle Switch

A nice and clean toggle switch that relies only on CSS. I used the techniques found here: http://www.sitepoint.com/css3-toggle-switch/ – By carlosperez

Flat Toggle Switch DEMO

  Flat Toggle Switch

Remake of the Dribbble shot Flat Toggle Switch by Joshua Andrew Davies. Here is the original: http://dribbble.com/shots/1223145-Flat-Toggle-Switch-Animated-Free-PSD. – By dervondenbergen

Vue Toggle Switch DEMO

  Vue Toggle Switch

iOS toggle switch component for Vue.js – By nickforddesign

CSS Toggle switch DEMO

  CSS Toggle switch

Inspired by Piotr Kwiatkowski’s work on Dribbble : http://dribbble.com/shots/687550-Toggle-Switch Be sure to read the full article on Codrops : http://tympanus.net/codrops/2012/09/13/button-switches-with-checkboxes-and-css3-fanciness/ – By HugoGiraudel

Pure CSS toggle switch – Android Holo DEMO

  Pure CSS toggle switch - Android Holo

A robust, flexible concept of a pure CSS toggle switch with minimal and as-semantic markup as possible. – By amustill

Customisable toggle switch DEMO

  Customisable toggle switch

– By ashconnolly

Cutom checkbox – toggle switch DEMO

  Cutom checkbox - toggle switch

A custom checkbox implementation as a toggle switch – By Sambego

Toggle switch with checkbox:checked DEMO

  Toggle switch with checkbox:checked

Round switch button in css with animation cleaned up. Inspired on the design of Paul Flavius, see: http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/interface-tutorials/round-switch-button/ – By jroenf

Animated Toggle Switch 🌙 Night & ☀️Day DEMO

  Animated Toggle Switch 🌙 Night & ☀️Day

I just made a simple, clean and animated toggle switch, which is switching between day and night mode. – By lazercaveman

CodePen Challenge : CSS Tiger Toggle Switch DEMO

  CodePen Challenge : CSS Tiger Toggle Switch

Tiger’s Toggle Switch! – By deren2525

Custom Toggle Switch Inspiration (Pure CSS) DEMO

  Custom Toggle Switch Inspiration (Pure CSS)

A simple toggle in pure CSS3 with a clean HTML markup which includes a label. Leave the label blank if you want do not want any text. – By takeradi

Toggle Switch DEMO

  Toggle Switch

Toggle switch using jQuery and CSS animations. – By joshuaward

Vue JS Toggle Switches DEMO

  Vue JS Toggle Switches

An example of implementing “toggle switches” in VueJS with a few options, including “multi-state” slots. – By simeydotme

Accessible toggle-style checkbox 2.0 DEMO

  Accessible toggle-style checkbox 2.0

Regular old checkboxes styled to look like toggle switches. No javascript. Supports :focus and :disabled states! – By personable

BB-8 Toggle Switch|Pure CSS DEMO

  BB-8 Toggle Switch|Pure CSS

bb-8 toggle switch that changes background color – By claudz1

Toggle Switch Button DEMO

  Toggle Switch Button

A simple toggle switch in pure css with checkbox input. – By thelaazyguy

Simple Toggle Switch DEMO

  Simple Toggle Switch

By CSSFlow: free UI elements and widgets coded with HTML5, CSS3, and Sass. – By Thibaut

Cold-Hot Toggle Switch DEMO

  Cold-Hot Toggle Switch

Probably a toggle switch concept that no one has tried before. This one is for temperature—options being cold or hot. The idea is to portray the handle as an ice cube for cold and a flame for hot. For hot, the cube moves right and melts at the same time, and a rising flame moves along with it. For cold again, the water forms back into a cube while moving left, and the flame dies while moving with it. – By jkantner

Button switch DEMO

  Button switch

Bootstrap button toggle switch – By geedmo

Simple CSS toggle switch DEMO

  Simple CSS toggle switch

– By wilsonpage

Dribbble Toggle Switch DEMO

  Dribbble Toggle Switch

– By bork

Naturalized Checkbox Toggle Switches DEMO

  Naturalized Checkbox Toggle Switches

This demo is a response to a post by Marcus Connor addressing confusion with checkbox toggle switches. It’s an attempt to make them work more like switches. Drag the handles back and forth and see the checkbox state change. – By jkantner

Front End Day 33 – Fancy Checkbox and Toggle Switches DEMO

  Front End Day 33 - Fancy Checkbox and Toggle Switches

Fancy Checkbox and Toggle Switches using SCSS. Each type has it’s own separate nest of styles! – By sean_codes

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