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  1. It’ll start automatically just enter your email id and click on “subscribe/download” button and If still it’s not work for you tell me what you are trying to download i’ll mail you.

  2. Dude you are a hero. You save my day. Definitely reading your posts.

    And whoever is having problem with MYSQL Workbench showing only 1000 rows remove the rows limit in preference.
    At first i thought records were incomplete. 🙂

  3. how to download this file..i have already subscribed but there is no link….Plzz send me this file with database.


  4. After subscription successfully done, You need to enter your email id again and then click on Subscribe/Download button and it’ll start automatically no link will be appear.

  5. Thanks for the database that you have provided which has saved a lot of manual work.
    In Nigeria there are few states and few area councils missing, can update the list with details as I am not having those details.

  6. hi Guy, if you don’t subscribe before, type email and subscribe, and click confirm in email -> continous subscribe and will downloadable.
    Have a nice day

  7. Hi I’m trying to download Country,state and city database but i’m not able to download.I subscribed in your blog but it’s not work for me..I need it urgent please help me.

  8. hey Rohit, i hv subscribed but download not started.

    pls me the Countries, States and Cities database of world complete source.


  9. Hello, Rohit,
    Thanks a lot for such an intelligent work
    I have the database files, but i don’t have the PHP API file.
    I tried to download the script, but i couldn’t.

    Please if its possible than try to mail the PHP API script on my mail ID –>>> [email protected]

    Thank you

  10. Hi Rohit,

    Great job with the Country, State, Citywise drill down. I needed help from you as i have to step ahead with postal code drill down as well. How can I achieve this?


  11. Snapdeal deal has not provided product search api so far, You can download snapdeal products in your local database and apply search after that you can pull latest product info from snapdeal product feed api.

  12. Its really saved my time rohith, but could you send me the sql and php files i am not able to download, I have already subscribed

  13. Hi Rohit,

    how to download this file..i have already subscribed but there is no link….Plzz send me this file with database.

  14. Great stuff here, thank you very much.Saved me a lot time thanks. I am failing to download the full source code, i have managed to download the sql/DB only..can you kindly email me i will be very grateful.

  15. Hii Rohit,
    I was searching for this code since last 3 months, thank you so much. But i am unable to download it. Please mail me that one.
    Thank you.

  16. I am new to this. I have downloaded the files, have few queries
    – where should the files be copied and how to call them in the post
    – will the post automatically pull the products from flipkart and insert them into respective categories.

  17. It is API which you can use to fetch flipkart product by category or by items, No need to store items in database, it automatically fetch updated deals and products from flipkart.

  18. Thanks for the input.

    Oh so its dynamic and real time!

    how about my first query, where should the files be copied and how to execute them from the Post

  19. i entered my email and got the mail to follow you. i clicked the confirm follow button but no response always shows
    This site can’t be reached
    please help, ur tutorial is awesome.

  20. Thanks for sharing ur code and for a novice like me, u r a great savior.
    I m trying to use this multiple times in a single form for permanent address, temporary address, emergency person’s address, local guardian address etc. However m unable to do. Plz help me. I hv been struggling to do for the last 1 month. Thank you plzzz help me

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