How to add jetpack subscriptions form in a Pop-up window or any page

In this tutorial I am going to show you little wordpress trick that is how you can add you Jetpack Subscriptions Widget in a Pop-up Window or Any Page

Jetpack Subscriptions Widget?

Every body knows about it who is using wordpress as a blogging platform, You know many visitors land on your site once, never to return. So we need to convert more visitors into regular readers by making it easy to subscribe to your site so new content is pushed directly to them. Jetpack takes care of letting them know whenever you publish a new post by email.

Jetpack currently does not provide flexibility to add subscriptions form in pop-up So here is the trick to add jetpack subscriptions form in a pop-up or any page you want, But make sure jetpack subscriptions weight should be active.
This post is outdated now jetpack has provided short code to add it anywhere on your blog follow below link to see all jetpack shortcode

Step-1: Download any pop-up plugin from wordpress plugin market in my case i used PopUp by Supsystic and create one pop-up window.

Step-2: Copy your active jetpack subscriptions form source code by using firebug or any other method see screen shot below..

Step-3: Paste code in your newly created pop-up window and remove or change text or label as per your need.

Step-4: Finally activate your pop-up and see the action.

Hope this trick will help you to add jetpack subscriptions form in a Pop-up window, For more cool tips & tricks please don’t forget to subscribe my public notebook.

Cheers 🙂

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  1. This is working great for me except it does not pop up on mobile. I looked at your site on mobile and it doesn’t pop either. Any ideas how to get this popup to work on mobile? Most of my traffic comes from mobile so any help would be great!

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