20 Popular VueJs Datepicker Component

Are you looking for VueJs Datepicker Component for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated VueJs Datepicker Component. You can use these popular VueJs Datepicker Component to make your vue application more awesome.


VueJs Datepicker Component

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked VueJs Datepicker Component.

S.No. Name Short Description Popularity
1 vuejs-datepicker A simple Vue.js datepicker component. Supports disabling of dates, inline mode, translations 2.2k
2 vue-hotel-datepicker Vue date range picker component 5 issues need help
3 vue-airbnb-style-datepicker A VueJs datepicker with a similar look and functionality as the popular AirBnb datepicker. 423
4 vue-ctk-date-time-picker VueJS component to select dates & time, including a range mode 383
5 vue-persian-datetime-picker A vue plugin to select jalali date and time 219

6 vue-functional-calendar VueJS Functional Calendar | Component/Package 154
7 vue2-persian-datepicker A vue component that provides datepicker for persian developers 93
8 vue-draggableCal Not your ordinary datepicker. A Vuejs draggable date selector with a fresh responsive design, mobile ready and 0 depe… 60
9 material-vue-daterange-picker a date-range-picker follows the Material Design spec powered by vue.js (alpha) 45
10 vue-pikaday VueJS wrapper component for Pikaday datepicker 32
11 vue-datepicker A clean datepicker made with VueJs 27
12 vue-mj-daterangepicker Vue.js date range picker with multiples ranges and presets (vue 2.x) 26
13 vuejs-date-picker Datepicker component for Vue.js, Same as input(type=date) or input(type=datetime) 13

14 vuejs-range-datepickers Component utilizing VueJS-Datepicker for a Data Range Select for VueJs 10
15 vue-week-calendar 基于vuejsεΌ€ε‘ηš„ε‘¨εŽ†ι‘΅ι’οΌŒζ˜ŸζœŸδΈΊxθ½΄οΌŒε°ζ—ΆδΈΊy轴,可δ»₯εŒζ—Άζ”―ζŒδΈŠδΈ‹/左右滚动 9
16 vue-datepicker-persian Persian Date Picker control for VueJS 2 7
17 vue-mini-calendar a simple and multifunctional vue datepicker calendar 6
18 vue-datepicker A datepicker for vuejs 5
19 vuejs-mobile-datepicker δΈ€δΈͺ用Vueε°θ£…ηš„η§»εŠ¨η«―ζ—₯ζœŸι€‰ζ‹©ε™¨οΌŒζ„Ÿε…΄θΆ£ηš„ε―δ»₯θΏ›ζ₯了解一下 5
20 vuejs-datepicker 基于vueηš„ζ—Άι—΄ι€‰ζ‹©ζ’δ»ΆοΌŒζ”―ζŒε•ε€©ε’Œζ—Άι—΄θŒƒε›΄ι€‰ζ‹© 4

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