20+ jQuery CSS Barcode Examples

jQuery CSS Barcode – Are you looking for jQuery CSS Barcode Plugins, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked jQuery CSS Barcode Examples for you. A barcode is a square or rectangular image consisting of a series of parallel black lines and white spaces of varying widths that can be read by a scanner. Barcodes are applied to products as a means of quick identification. You can use these jQuery CSS Barcode scripts in your next web based projects.

jQuery CSS Barcode Examples

Following are the list of jQuery CSS Barcode Examples.

ng-barcode DEMO


AngularJS directive that create code39 barcode – By lorenzodianni

Js Barcode DEMO

 Js Barcode

Playing around with JsBarcode, and Vue.js – By CSWApps

CSS-Only 12-digit UPC-A Barcode Generator DEMO

 CSS-Only 12-digit UPC-A Barcode Generator

A completely accurate 12-digit UPC barcode generated using data-attributes and background-gradients. The values can be modified to generate a new barcode. Try scanning it with a barcode reader on your smartphone! – By wbarlow

SVG Barcode Generator DEMO

 SVG Barcode Generator

– By FesslerForge

Angular barcode DEMO

 Angular barcode

AngularJS directive that create code39 barcode – By Zagora

Single-Div Barcode Loader DEMO

 Single-Div Barcode Loader

Single-div barcode loader, inspired by Hitman – By trakout

Pure CSS Barcode (UPC-A) DEMO

 Pure CSS Barcode (UPC-A)

Just a plain UPC-A barcode. How it works: UPC codes use 1-to-4 “pixel” wide bars to encode digits; each digit is a fixed 7 “pixels” wide overall (technically, they are called “modules” and not pixels). Wikipedia has the full details, but the encoding is nicely presentable as a simple linear layout. – By unframework

CVS Receipt DEMO

 CVS Receipt

CVS is notorious for their receipts, so I decided to share my experience with a simple CodePen. With some quick and dirty HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – I present you with the never-ending CVS receipt. I even made a crappy web scrapper to get real product names from their site (https://github.com/garrettbear/CVScraper) – By garrettbear

BarCode DEMO


Bar code generator , it’s useful in data encryption – By 27mdmo7sn

CSS3 Barcode / QR Code merge made interactive DEMO

 CSS3 Barcode / QR Code merge made interactive

This is an experiment to create a pure css3 QR code that interacts. – Interactive merge between 1D and a 2D barcode with pure CSS – By strages

Barcode Animation DEMO

 Barcode Animation

Animated random barcode style animation using Tweenmax. – By davehuffman

Receipt with result DEMO

 Receipt with result

PSD not my own. – By MariamMassadeh

Animated CSS Barcode DEMO

 Animated CSS Barcode

– By dayna-j

Barcode DEMO


– By hectoricardom

UX 8: Scan me! DEMO

 UX 8: Scan me!

Scan me! Simple scan animation with three states: Scanning, capturing & captured 💕 – By npr

Barcode DEMO


– By pixelmimic

Ionic Barcode Scanner DEMO

 Ionic Barcode Scanner

– By kirkwoodbj

CSS Grid: Train Ticket DEMO

 CSS Grid: Train Ticket

Train ticket to Hogwarts, with a flat design twist! – By oliviale

Barcode Generator DEMO

 Barcode Generator

This is a barcode generator that works even though it could be improved in many ways. To test it out, use a barcode scanner app to scan a product, then enter the UPC number in the fields. Both barcodes should return the same product. – By npsantini

Barcode Scanner 🙂 DEMO

 Barcode Scanner :)

– By fusco

Barcode Generator DEMO

 Barcode Generator

Code 39 Barcode generator in ES6 JavaScript. Created because I couldn’t find a good library. – By bozdoz

Barcode scanner DEMO

 Barcode scanner

– By davidcollins4481

Movie Ticket DEMO

 Movie Ticket

Movie Ticket insipartion from https://dribbble.com/shots/1166639-Movie-Ticket/attachments/152161 by Piotr Adam Kwiatkowski – By ajskelton

PixCrypt.js Website DEMO

 PixCrypt.js Website

PixCrypt is a lightweight javascript library that encodes data into a small, 1-pixel-high image that can be exchanged and decoded much like a barcode – By boylett

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