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Hello, I hope you are doing well, My name is Rohit Kumar and I am Programmer, Analyst, Blogger and Youtuber based in Kanpur, India.

I like to Help companies to get important things done and develop business applications for them, Apart from that In my free time, I try to share some awesome script on my blog which i personally feel useful for me as well as all developers/programmers/designers while working on any project. That’s why i called it “My Public Notebook”, Here i share useful scripts so that i can easily find out when it needed in my project without googling.

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  1. Hi,Hows you !
    your all php demos are really helpful for me, Thank you, i like your Jquery and AngularJS related examples and i hope you will upload more useful demos in future.Thanks again !

  2. Hi Rohit,
    your Yy Tech Lab section is really very helpful for the new developer…
    Great job… Keep it up…..

  3. hello rohit sir, i watch yours tutorials , it was fantastic & easily understand every one.
    good work . keep up it.
    good luck.

  4. Hello are your all code are open source actually i need your city state based dropdown in a professional website

  5. Hi Rohit,

    Very nice articles.Somw were very helpful for my website. Please let me know best newsletter integration for WordPress

  6. Thankyou so much Rohit sir. your coding is fabulous which is so helpful for us. thanks again.

  7. Hi Rohit ,
    I like your blog ,i want to also develop a blog for all programmer , can you tell me can i continue with job.

  8. Hey Rohit, you are a great man.
    Your blogs are really helpful for all those who want to develop or design.

    Your blogs are helpful for me to dose impossible things possibly done.


  9. any config tool to add two payment gateway in php. and use only once at a time. i change any time that payment method.and that working as same flow in my website.

  10. Hey rohit. I like your work. Please upload those effect javascript code. Many friends wants this code. Button code is available but I want text code just like google play it.

  11. Hello Sir,

    I am your YouTube channel subscriber and i want to say thank you very much for giving us free stylish font generator script.

    i want more scripts so want to talk about it. Can i mail you?

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