Awesome Tooltips with Pure CSS Using Hint.css

Today I am going to introduce a awesome plugin Hint.css, A pure CSS tooltip library for your lovely websites. It is easy to use and very light weight and no javascript you can purely manage this tooptip in css, Hint.css is a tooltip library in CSS that helps you add cool tooltips to any element of your page. The major difference between Hint.css and othe tooltip plugins is that Hint.css uses data-* attribute, pseudo elements, content property and CSS3 transitions so that it’s only compatible with those modern browsers which fully support HTML5 and CSS3.
Step.1- Include hint.css in your page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="hint.min.css">

Step.2- Use class hint Now, all you need to do is give your element any position class and tooltip text using the aria-label or data-hint attribute:

Hello Sir, <span class="hint--bottom"  aria-label="Thank you!" style="color:red">hover over me.

You can choose position like hint–bottom, hint–top, hint–left, hint–right
Also Use it with other available modifiers in various combinations. Available modifiers: hint–error, hint–info, hint–warning, hint–success, hint–rounded and hint–bounce.

See live demo and download source code.



See offical website Cick Here

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