Which Changes You Have to Include in Video Marketing During COVID-19

Today, the marketing world is buzzing with the latest trends of video-based format. This marketing tool is building better marketing campaigns. The soaring popularity of video-based channels of marketing can seem high conversion rates and click-through rates. 

Thus, it is no surprise that about 63% of marketers used video-based marketing strategies to augment their ad campaigns and make them highly effective. Though this form of marketing had lived up to its reputation in the previous years, it is presently hindered by the pandemic. 

With most businesses still keen on pursuing this strategy, albeit, with minor tweaks, there is one essential question that needs answering. What changes must be brought about to adapt video-based marketing strategies to the COVID-19 pandemic situation?

It is predicted that by 2022, a staggering 82% of all content will be video-based. Contemporarily, by the end of this year, an average user would have watched an estimated 100 minutes of video content each day. Why? 

Because people the pandemic has given people time to explore their hunger for content and the luxury to consume it at will. Additionally, the incorporation of engaging video strategies makes this consumption even more exciting. Everyone today is well aware of the strengths of video marketing

But, the pandemic situation has given rise to unprecedented opportunities to better customer engagement and relationship building through video content. The following minor adjustments to your strategies can help you come on top of the present crisis.

Redefining Business Objectives!

In times like these, the business community is faced with existential questions to its purpose and objectives. Any marketing channel can not be started without a thorough reassessment of the present situation. You must use the work from the home environment to reflect on questions that prospects ask your business and rebrand your messages accordingly. Essential questions such as the following need adequate reflection –

  • What do my customers want?
  • How can I serve them better?
  • What essential need does my business offer in uncertain times like this?
  • What facilities will help me reach my potential customers in such situations?

Rethinking your business along similar lines can clear your perspective about the changes you need to make to your business strategy. Accordingly, your video-based content can relay the right message across to the focus groups and enhance your perception and brand recognition. 

It further helps your business to re-prioritize budgetary and operations requirements. Accordingly, you can decide which funds must be allocated to which target area and how.

Compartmentalize Outbound Communications!

Before your e-mail reaches your clientele, consider the situation at hand and the environment of uncertainty we are living in. Do you want your e-mail to be just another mail in the spam folder? If not, then you must take into account the predicament of your target consumer who is overloaded with a plethora of e-mails. 

You are bound to realize that your outbound communication is just one of the innumerable pop-ups and marketing promotional e-mails your consumer is receiving. Amidst the burden of governmental, home, office, and critical communications, will your consumer read your newsletter?

Therefore, to enhance the readability and effectiveness of your e-mail, marketing attempts limit your communications to critical ones only. Compartmentalizing communications such as a new policy for COVID-19 relief or sale of safety products and kits or their inventory status will take precedence over all else.

Serve Personalized Experiences Through Your Channels!

Government-mandated lockdowns are thinning the herd to our storefronts. But, on the brighter side of things, average consumers are slowly gathering at e-commerce websites. Even before the pandemic situation, about 40% of consumers avoided shopping at physical stores and offline modes. 

This is why more marketers are shifting towards reward/incentive-based programs on e-shopping. Your video content must sensitize more people about new sales plans and strategies such as BOGO deals and promote traffic to online omnichannel websites. 

You must remember that as people are confined to their personalized spaces, a little encouragement and appreciation will go a long way. You can also use consumer data from Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to provide a customized experience catering to your needs. 

Serving personalized experiences across channels and devices promotes better accessibility and routes higher traffic and sales through your way. For instance, you could cater to a multilingual consumer base with a video maker.

Optimize Inbound Marketing Searches!

As more people at home search for services, make sure that you are braced to afford the surge in traffic. Are you prepared for consumers searching for your services and business directly? Are they able to locate you amidst the thick competition in the internet realm? 

If not, then it might be the time to start considering Optimizations and SEO tools to augment your reach. With the power of SEO and paid marketing campaigns, make sure that you are right there when your prospects search for the immediate resolutions of their needs.

Most businesses commit the grievous error of merely putting a mechanism in place without a test run. Every app that launches and popularized is first launched as a beta version with a trial run on a specific sample size. 

This is done to assess the requirements and issues that may arise. Similarly, before and after putting an adequate optimization mechanism, trial runs and monitoring is key for assessment.

Ensure Adequate Data Analysis and Reporting!

As the pandemic destabilizes and upsets previous orders and trends, it is safe to retrace the steps and identify new trends. Analytics and reporting help to identify emerging search patterns and trends. 

Learning about your prospective consumers and their habits, preferences, and trends can help you fine-tune your marketing strategies to suit their searches. Owning actionable data is key to understanding your customers, and breaking through the COVID caused a conundrum.


The Coronavirus pandemic may have caused your consumers to get flustered. Yet, it prepares you with a unique opportunity to respond with compassion and creativity. Today we have the tools and skills to understand what our consumers require from us at the moment. As more and more people become digitally connected, it is sure to manifest unique opportunities for businesses to flourish.