Convert any website into a desktop application using nodejs nativefier

Hello Friends, Recently i discovered a tool by which we can create desktop application environment instantly for any website. So i thought i must share this tips to all my friends. it creates a local desktop application environment so that you can easily access your website as desktop application in just one click.

There is a nodeJs plugin called nativefier by which you can do this in just few steps and also customize your desktop application look and feel. Because nativefier has provided a simple api too in nodejs to customize and build your application.

If you are not familiar with nodejs follow this tutorial “Node.js installation and configuration for beginners”

Note: It creates only native desktop environment, Not convert your web based application into fully functional desktop application, It requires Internet to load pages.

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So here how you can do this.

Fist insure that nodejs & npm should already installed on your system.

Step:-1 Install nativefier globally from npm repository.

sudo npm install nativefier -g

Step:-2 Check nativefier has been successfully installed in your system or not by running below command.

nativefier -h

Step:-3 Now time to convert your website into desktop native application by running below command.

nativefier ""

It’ll take some time to build desktop environment for your application be patience.

After successful you can see your application bundle now execute your newly installed application.

If you want to add more customization on your application read nativefier

Thanks 🙂

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