Convert a JSON object to XML format online

Convert a JSON object to XML format online

JSON and XML are considered as one of the most significant ways to transfer data over the web. Both of the forms are widely used all over the globe, and appreciated by a massive number of developers. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a human-readable data interchange language that is used to send data over the web. On the other hand, XML stand for Extensible Markup Language, which has the same purpose; to transfer data over the web.

Although the purpose of both formats is the same, there are still many differences among them. JSON is apparently a modern language compared to XML, and many people use it as an alternative of XML. The biggest reason behind this is that JSON has simple and less grammar. But, there are still many reasons that XML is always the choice of many web professionals. In this article, we are going to discuss the best way to convert your JSON code into XML online. But, before that, let’s find out some of the main advantages of XML language.

Main reasons for using XML

There are many reasons behind using XML language to transfer data over the web, whether it is simple syntax, or clear overall setup, this language is super easy to use. The other main features of this language are as follows:

  • Management

XML enables you to create your platform by segmenting the design progression. In this way, the data and formatting stay on different pages and the chances of disturbance decrease. XML also enables you to write the data on a page according to your requirement, and then you can continue to the design portion of your file. So, in simple words, we can say that it is really straightforward to organize data in XML, which is the main reason people convert their JSON to XML.

  • Multi-platforms

XML allows you to create data on a page and use it as many times as you desire. You can design or manage the formatting of a page as you desire; even you can alter the design as per the nature of the data. XML is one of the best tools that help you to manage your practical information in a professional manner. You also don’t need to have extensive knowledge of programming to use XML. Initial information about programming will enable you to use XML without any hassle from any platform.

  • Accessibility

As discussed earlier, one of the main advantages of using XML is modulation. If you have separated data, it is easier for you to use it, make the required changes within a short period, and make less effort. You don’t have to go through all the content to find the desired information. If you create both HTML (data and design) segments, you can create sections that include the formatting instructions with the information you need to show on the page. Therefore, due to this accessibility of XML, people prefer to convert JSON to XML.

How to convert JSON to XML online?

You may have an idea about the significance of XML language in transferring your data over the web. The above-discussed information may enable you to understand the reasons that why do we need to convert JSON to XML online. Now, you might have a question in your mind that how we can convert it. Well, the answer is simple. You can use a JSON to XML converter online to turn your JSON to XML without any hesitation.

An efficient JSON to XML converter online lets you translate your JSON to XML without affecting the formatting of the text. You also don’t have to go through any hassle of installing any software on your device to use a fantastic JSON into XML online. This online tool also lets you convert your JSON text into XML without typing a single word.

There are many JSON to XML tools available online, but most of them are usually paid or require you to make some account on their website. However, some leading online platforms like gives you free online JSON to XML converter. This platform offers you the opportunity to open JSON online and JSON to XML converter free of cost. You can use these free online tools from any part of the globe to turn your JSON into XML. Only a good internet connection is necessary to use this fantastic JSON to XML converter.


JSON and XML are equally important tools to transfer your data over the internet, but XML has an edge due to its accessibility and string parse function. That’s why sometimes it becomes essential to convert JSON to XML. So, you can use a JSON to XML converter online to turn your JSON into XML without any hassle and from any part of the world.