Create first command line application using nodeJs

In this tutorial i am going to create a very simple command line application using nodeJs, Nodejs provide great flexibility to create command line application, express-geenrator and nodemon are the best CLI example in nodeJs.

I am going to create a custom command line HelloCli application where i’ll run hello [GIVEN_NAME] in terminal and it’ll return message in terminal like this:-
How are you..!!

Ok Lets start the tutorial step by step

Create your application package.json file


  "name": "HelloCLI",
  "version": "10.0.1",
  "description": "First CLI App",
  "dependencies": {},
  "bin": {
    "hello": "hellocli.js"


"bin": {
    "hello": "hellocli.js"

This syntax help node to execute given file like command, So hellocli.js is your custom command file & hello is your custom command you’ll run on terminal

"bin": {

After that create your CLI file


#!/usr/bin/env node
console.log("Hello, ",process.argv[2]);
console.log("How are you");

Note: Don’t forget to include #!/usr/bin/env node on the top of the page, this one line tells system that it’s a batch file and act like command.

Now install your command global by running below command.

sudo npm install -g

See below screen shot for output in action.


Thanks 🙂