40+ CSS 3D Text Effect

CSS 3D Text Effect – Are you looking for CSS 3D Text Effect, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked CSS 3D Text Effect for you. CSS3 with all of itโ€™s possibilities, is a revolution in web development. The new CSS3 properties gives web designers a wonderful opportunity to enhance their designs in a way thatโ€™s quick and easy, yet visually impressive, Now making 3D effect using new CSS3 properties is very easy you don’t need to create 3d font image via photoshop just use following CSS 3D Text Effect in your next web based projects purely made in CSS3 and jQuery

CSS 3D Text Effect

Following are the list of CSS 3D Text Effect.

Scss 3D Text Mixin DEMO

 Scss 3D Text Mixin

A 3D text mixin to save time, added letting.js to this example – By hugo

3D Text DEMO

 3D Text

A SCSS mixin to generate realistic 3D text – By joeyhoer

3D Text in Sass DEMO

 3D Text in Sass

3D text effect using CSS3 text-shadow made easier to maintain with @for directive in Sass. Inspired by @mdo. – By bookcasey

Experimental CSS 3D Text animation DEMO

 Experimental CSS 3D Text animation

Inspired by Markdoto 3D Text (http://jqueryplugin.net/), added some css3 animations and keyframes. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ – By aakashdoshi

Gradient “3D” text DEMO


please favorite and comment ๐Ÿ˜€ – By Make

3D Text Effect + Ambient light DEMO

 3D Text Effect + Ambient light

I wanted to create 2 different 3D Text effects. One with light that comes from a human made source and one from a non-human source. – By joepk

3D effect with shadows DEMO

 3D effect with shadows

Two different approaches to creating editable 3D text – By zastrow

Glowing 3D Text DEMO

 Glowing 3D Text

– By bennettfeely

Mouse tracking 3D text with light source DEMO

 Mouse tracking 3D text with light source

3d text that tracks perspective based on mouse coordinates. Simulated light source movement. – By jeremyr

3D Text Lighting & Shadows DEMO

 3D Text Lighting & Shadows

I woke up and decided to redo one of these old photoshop logo design tutorials in pure CSS. https://s3.amazonaws.com/psdtuts/24_Sunlight/final.jpg – By jeromevanoverbeke

Rainbow 3D Text DEMO

 Rainbow 3D Text

Using SCSS mixins and for statements created this rainbow animated text – By hugo

3D Text DEMO

 3D Text

This is a pen created to try a 3d effect with box-shadow only – By pedrohenriquepires

Ambient Occlusion 3D text mixin DEMO

 Ambient Occlusion 3D text mixin

Generates a 3d text effect that can darken as it approaches the background, giving the appearance of ambient occlusion, a 3d rendering technique that darkens areas where geometry meets. – By elifitch

3D Gradient Text DEMO

 3D Gradient Text

extended on my 3d text mixin by adding a gradient to the text – By hugo

SCSS Mixin For 3D Text DEMO

 SCSS Mixin For 3D Text

Forked and convertet to SCSS 3D text mixin. Multi-Level text-shadow mixin for making your big, fat headline text look 3D. – By Qbit42

Shadow Parallax DEMO

 Shadow Parallax

3D text and box shadow parallax effect based on the 3D Inset Effect (http://cdpn.io/tDaCn). – By joshbader

Animation 3D Text Cube DEMO

 Animation 3D Text Cube

Brings together a few “Cubes” to become a “3D Text” by using only CSS. – By uzcho_

Simple Inspiration w/ 3D Text DEMO

 Simple Inspiration w/ 3D Text

Simple Inspiration w/ 3D Text-Shadow Secret – By internetgho5t

3D text effect DEMO

 3D text effect

– By ginirsss

3d Text using Text-Shadow DEMO

 3d Text using Text-Shadow

– By designcouch


 3D CSS Text

Selectable 3D text in CSS. – By ejsado

3D text using CSS3 DEMO

 3D text using CSS3

http://blog.thelittletechie.com/2015/03/3d-text-using-css3.html – By vivinantony

3D text DEMO

 3D text

Testing the Google Fonts 3D text ‘thingy’ – By chriseisenbraun

3D Text! DEMO

 3D Text!

So I got a Kinder Surprise in the airport. The toy? 3d glasses!!! The “scene” that it came with didn’t work so I made this. – By rileyjshaw

3D text effect DEMO

 3D text effect

– By brian-guerrero


 JS 3D Text

3D Text with js. – By paulcs

3D Text DEMO

 3D Text

Don’t forget to hover! Basically just to try out SASS. I feel like there should be a less ugly way to do this, but I can’t see it right now. – By birjolaxew

3d Text Rotator DEMO

 3d Text Rotator

– By paulwood

3D Text DEMO

 3D Text

– By jacobswift

Onion 3D text DEMO

 Onion 3D text

– By supah

Bottom view DEMO

 Bottom view

CSS 3D Text Effect with lighting and shadow (bottom view) – By nokiss

Red Cyan 3D Text hover DEMO

 Red Cyan 3D Text hover

Just a little experiment – By dweinhardt

3D text with CSS 3D transform DEMO

 3D text with CSS 3D transform

A rotating 3d text with 3d CSS transforms (no text-shadow) – By BitOfGold

3D text DEMO

 3D text

– By Sahebt_Alezar

3D Text Effect DEMO

 3D Text Effect

– By rolopen85

3D Text with ambient occlusion DEMO

 3D Text with ambient occlusion

Quick hack to test performance of filter: blur on css 3d transforms. It turned out into a solid text with ambient occlusion. – By spite

#codevember_01 DEMO


Kicking off #codevember right with some 3d text – By johnbgarcia

3D Text Mixin DEMO

 3D Text Mixin

Inspiration: http://stackoverflow.com/a/28514472/814031 – By localhorst

Super Discount DEMO

 Super Discount

Another 3d text-effect using text-shadow and transforms. – By zitrusfrisch

3d Text Animation DEMO

 3d Text Animation

Quick sessions playing with text shadow and animations. – By willpaige

Ice Cream Sammy! DEMO

 Ice Cream Sammy!

A 3d text effect using what is best described as “torrents of shadows” technique, made possible by SCSS ๐Ÿ™‚ – By auginator

3D Box Shadow 3D Text Shadow DEMO

 3D Box Shadow 3D Text Shadow

3d Box Shadow 3d text Shadow – By yusufbkr

3D Glitch Text (CSS Only) DEMO

 3D Glitch Text (CSS Only)

Trying to recreate a Pen I had seen with nothing but CSS. Thought It’d be cool to have the 3D text colours being used. Let your curser disappear in the trip. With “epilepsy” mode. – By colinhorn

Word 3D DEMO

 Word 3D

An exaggerated word cloud with 3D text. – By tmrDevelops

404 Animated Page DEMO

 404 Animated Page

Neat little CSS 3D Text animation – By Gogh

3D text effects DEMO

 3D text effects

http://designshack.net/articles/css/12-fun-css-text-shadows-you-can-copy-and-paste/ – By digisam

3D Text DEMO

 3D Text

– By chandrashekhar

A Pen by @TimLamber DEMO

 A Pen by @TimLamber

– By TimLamber

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