20+ CSS Blockquotes Examples

CSS Blockquotes Examples – Are you looking for CSS Blockquotes Styling, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked CSS Blockquotes Examples for you. The blockquote element is used to indicate the quotation of a large section of text from another source. Using the default HTML styling of most web browsers, it will indent the right and left margins both on the display and in printed form, but You can also customize styling of blockquote using CSS. Here are the lis of some CSS Blockquotes Examples which you can use in your projects.

CSS Blockquotes Examples

Following are the list of CSS Blockquotes Examples.

Blockquote DEMO


Simple blockquote styling, using only blockquote element with cite attribute. – By harmputman

Responsive blockquote using elementQuery DEMO

 Responsive blockquote using elementQuery

Example of a responsive blockquote using element queries instead of media queries. – By tysonmatanich

Fancy Blockquote Style DEMO

 Fancy Blockquote Style

An outtake form a fancy blockquote style that I was working on at work. – By poopsplat

<blockquote> DEMO


– By maxlutzfl

Alternating Blockquotes DEMO

 Alternating Blockquotes

– By tomhodgins

Blockquote Pullquotes DEMO

 Blockquote Pullquotes

The CSS combines using blockquotes for pullquotes as well as :before and :after – By mad-d

Blockquote DEMO


Nice and simple Blockquote by CSS3 – By highjava

Fancy Blockquotes DEMO

 Fancy Blockquotes

Nicely Styled Blockquotes – By KatieK2

Simple Blockquote Slickness DEMO

 Simple Blockquote Slickness

A nice visual blockquote bracket style using pseudo :before and :after elements. Design style via http://jes.si/ – By varystrategic

Damn simple blockquote DEMO

 Damn simple blockquote

– By lukasdietrich

Automatic Quotes DEMO

 Automatic Quotes

Automatically insert pullquotes / blockquotes with a small bit of jQuery and the data-attribute selector. – By lukewatts

Blockquote with SVG Data URI DEMO

 Blockquote with SVG Data URI

SVG Icon: background-image with SVG Data URI on Blockquote element Quote taken from: William Kentridge on Animated Films – By atelierbram

Fancy Blockquote DEMO

 Fancy Blockquote

Simple blockquote styled after a pullquote I saw in Writer’s Digest magazine. – By soujohn

Material Design Blockquote DEMO

 Material Design Blockquote

– By MichaelMammoliti

A blockquote style DEMO

 A blockquote style

– By weirdflexbutok

Formatting blockquotes with CSS Grid DEMO

 Formatting blockquotes with CSS Grid

– By daviddarnes

Simple elegant blockquotes DEMO

 Simple elegant blockquotes

Thamks to http://www.webmaster-source.com/2012/04/24/pure-css-blockquote-styling/ – By palimadra

Fix for reblogs in Tumblr themes DEMO

 Fix for reblogs in Tumblr themes

Tumblr recently changed their reblog format, making easier to read. This, however, wasn’t implemented in the blog themes, leaving us with the previous nested blockquotes. – By R2D221

SVG background image DEMO

 SVG background image

This is to be used as an embed in a blog post – By netsi1964

Dynamic SlideShow: LESS/Jade/JS DEMO

 Dynamic SlideShow: LESS/Jade/JS

– By juanbrujo

Simple blockquotes DEMO

 Simple blockquotes

Pen about simple blockquotes with font awesome. – By jakubtursky

CSS3 Error / Success Messages DEMO

 CSS3 Error / Success Messages

Using the blockquote for error/success/warning messages. I made cross-browser mixin for properties which require a swoth of vendor prefixes, like box-sizing & box-shadow in this case. – By BJack

Blockquote Styling on CSS DEMO

 Blockquote Styling on CSS

Blockquote Styling on CSS, style – By wilder_taype

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