20+ CSS Floating Button Examples

CSS Floating Button – Are you looking for CSS Floating Button, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked CSS Floating Button for you. You can use these CSS Floating Button in your next web based projects.


CSS Floating Button

Following are the list of CSS Floating Button.

Material floating button CSS DEMO

Material floating button, like Google Inbox, CSS only. No script needed

Angularjs Material floating button directive DEMO

Customizable, semantic Material design floating action menu with buttons, implemented as an Angularjs directive. Also available in vanilla html.

Simple css floating button DEMO

Floating Button DEMO

Floating Button css3

Floating Button DEMO

Floaty button – simple floating button animation nice call to action.

Floatting button DEMO

Floating Button for Phones/Tablets DEMO

Exelent floating button for your mobile website/app. Icons by Font Awsome

floating button menu DEMO

floating button menu

Floating Action Button with Modal Test DEMO

Testing some jQuery/CSS effects to emulate Google’s Material Design for floating buttons and cards.

Floating Buttons DEMO

Css floating button with label DEMO

Whatsapp-floating-button DEMO

Floating Button DEMO

Floating Button Material Design DEMO

I want to present you a floating button in material design ! it is created thank’s to Materialize framework, you can see this framework at the link below :

Hover button DEMO

A floating button style.

Morphing Floating Button DEMO

Still needs a little work;

floating button #codevember_06 DEMO

Floating Button DEMO

Floating button DEMO

Material Fullscreen Search Transition DEMO

Material Zoom Effect using CSS

float button DEMO

float button.

Floating buttons DEMO

Share button concept

Material design template cards DEMO

You can add cards. All is material.

Floating Button Menu DEMO

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