50 Popular FREE Bootstrap Admin Panel Theme / Template

Are you looking for Bootstrap Admin Panel Theme for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated Bootstrap Admin Panel Theme. Admin panel is essential part of your application it help to manage all of your dynamic website content via admin panel. So if your are planning to make a feature rich application and looking for user panel / admin panel theme for your web based application then you must go threw bellow free admin panel template and choose one as per your project need.


Bootstrap Admin Panel Theme

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked Bootstrap Admin Panel Theme.

S.No. Name Short Description Popularity
1 AdminLTE AdminLTE – Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme Based On Bootstrap 3.x 31k
2 blur-admin AngularJS Bootstrap Admin Panel Framework 10.4k
3 AdminBSBMaterialDesign AdminBSB – Free admin panel that is based on Bootstrap 3.x with Material Design 2.4k
4 Bootstrap-Clean-Dashboard-Theme Bootstrap theme with demo and additional UI components not included in the bootstrap packaging. Fixed footer, admin p… 359
5 CodeIgniter-admin-panel A CodeIgniter template with an administrator panel using twitter bootstrap. 282

6 paper-dashboard Paper Dashboard is a Bootstrap Admin Panel which combines soft colors with beautiful typography and spacious cards an… 220
7 Flask-Easy-Template A template web app with Flask. Features: latest bootstrap, user registry, login, forgot password. Secured admin panel,… 126
8 laravel-admin-generator An admin console panel generator with AngularJs-Bootstrap-SBAdmin-AdminLTE for Laravel 5 59
9 Create-Blog-with-Admin-Panel Learn Laravel while Creating Blog and Admin side also. We will use Bootstrap template for Blog and Admin LTE for admin … 50
10 lobiadmin Responsive bootstrap admin panel 47
11 stisla-laravel A Laravel implementation (with user CRUD) of the awesome Stisla Bootstrap admin panel. 47
12 AdminX AdminX – a free and open source admin control panel based on Bootstrap 4.x 37
13 Laravel-CoreUI-AdminPanel Boilerplate adminpanel: Laravel 6.0 + CoreUI Theme (Bootstrap 4) and simple CRUD examples. Based on new QuickAdminPan… 30

14 orchard-bootstrap-admin-theme Extended *admin* theme for Orchard framework which fully integrates the admin panel with Twitter Bootstrap, jquery Da… 30
15 NG2-Admin-Asp-Core-Boilerplate Multi API Admin panel developed on ASP.NET Boilerplate, Bootstrap 4, and Angular2 (typescript). For frond-end theme i… 28
16 adminlte-rtl AdminLTE RTL Version – Free Admin control Panel Theme That Is Based On Bootstrap 3.x https://almsaeedstudio.com 23
17 bootadmin An opensource bootstrap admin panel. 20
18 flask-dashboard-light-bootstrap Flask Dashboard Light – Open-Source Admin Panel | AppSeed 18
19 iadmin A simple backend admin panel for basic CRUD operations (built using php,mysql,bootstrap and ajax). 18
20 BootstrapFull Full admin panel with lots of features including front-end, back-end (vanilla PHP), ajax and database (MySQL) 17
21 SimpleDashboard Simple Dashboard & Admin Panel based on AngularJS, Bootstrap and Less. 16
22 CodeIgniter-Barebone-Admin-Panel-Bootstrap-4 Codeigniter using bootstrap 4 premade admin panel. Out of the box administration for building custom admin template s… 15
23 material-admin Admin panel template with material design created using AngularJS material framework and Bootstrap. 15
24 portfolioCMS Bootstrap portfolio web site with admin panel. PHP, MySQL. Fully working. Simple setup. 9
25 BootstrapAdmin BootstrapAdmin – Free Premium Admin control Panel Based On Bootstrap 4.x 9
26 orchard-bootstrap-admin-sample Small module presenting possibilities of orchard-bootstrap-admin-theme for developing custom views in Orchard admin p… 7
27 Frimouss Frimouss – Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme That Is Based On Bootstrap 6
28 doctor Hospital & Doctor Information System from Bangladesh. It has also Doctor admin panel to update a doctors information.… 6
29 laravel-soundboard An open source Laravel Soundboard with Admin Panel CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) built on Laravel, Bootstrap, and … 6
30 dnsphpadmin DNS web admin panel written in PHP, designed to operate via nsupdate, for all kinds of RFC compliant DNS servers 5
31 Modular-CI-ION-Auth-Grocery-AdminLte Modularbase codeigniter Adminlte admin panel with grocery crud, ion auth and many more 4
32 ms-bootstrap-admin A sass base bootstrap admin panel. 4
33 ansibletasker Extremely simple admin panel for Ansible 4
34 django-admin-bootstrap Django’s admin control panel styled with Twitter Bootstrap. 4
35 restAdmin Restful Admin Panel Based on Vue and Boostrap 4 4
36 PanelAdminBundle Admin base template with Symfony and Bootstrap 4
37 zenshoppe-responsive-zencart-template Zenshoppe is a modern responsive Zen cart template built on Bootstrap 3 and with unlimited color options. It comes wi… 4
38 admin Admin Panel written in PHP, CodeIgniter 3 + Bootstrap 4. 3
39 Laravel-5.4-complete-project-with-administrator-panel-and-front-panel Customized Bootstrap admin template in laravel 5.4 with fully featured admin customization feature like login, change… 3
40 ng-adminLTE Administrative panel sample with admin-lte template 3
41 Admin-Panel-Starter-Template Admin Panel Starter Template with Bootstrap 4.1.3 3
42 mern-admin-panel Admin-panel using ReactJs, ExpressJs, NodeJs, MongoDB and Bootstrap 3
43 FP For Person admin panel template with bootstrap 3
44 AdminUI Light, simple, custom interface and bootstrap v3.3.7 based admin panel free template 3
45 Laravel-Project-Startar-Template-with-Bootstrap-4-and-AdminLTE-3-Admin-Panel Laravel Project Startar Template with Bootstrap 4 and AdminLTE 3 Admin Panel in Laravel 5.6 3
46 agencyCMS Bootstrap agency web site with admin panel. PHP, MySQL. Simple setup. 3
47 InterviewTracker-Admin Responsive administrative panel web application for creating/modifying/deleting Interview Reports. 3
48 Laravel-5.3-and-Bootstrap-3-Gentelella-Free-Admin-Theme-Integration Integrated Laravel 5.3 to Gentellela Admin – a free to use Bootstrap admin template. This template uses the default B… 3
49 shopfast-responsive-zencart-template Shopfast Responsive Zen cart Template. Zen cart template based on bootstrap 3 framework with multiple options and str… 3
50 credit-card-database-system email id . then the user can login in to the bank website and can see his transaction,payment history,offers and oth… 3

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