5+ GIF Player (CSS + JavaScript)

GIF Player – Are you looking for GIF Player, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked GIF Player for you. You can use these GIF Player in your next web based projects.

GIF Player

Following are the list of GIF Player.

Vue Gif Player DEMO

 Vue Gif Player

Simple animated gif player – pure CSS DEMO

 Simple animated gif player - pure CSS

Responsive GIf Player with improved performance DEMO

 Responsive GIf Player with improved performance

GIFGroover demo. GIF player DEMO

 GIFGroover demo. GIF player

This is an example using GIFGroover to create a GIF player with Play/Pause, Play speed forward and reverse, and Frame step. GIFGroover will be available very soon on GitHub

gif-player DEMO


CSS-Only GIF Player DEMO

 CSS-Only GIF Player

Projects Entity Type Selector DEMO

 Projects Entity Type Selector

Projects Entity Type Selector for my portfolio plugin

Animated GIF Player DEMO

 Animated GIF Player

Sometimes you have a page of many animated GIFs and you do not want to crash the users browsers having all those animations playing at the same time. Here is a simple function to make all the GIF images on the page require to be clicked on for the animation to run!

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