How I make money from Book Depository Affiliate Program with earning proof

Hello Friends, Today I have started one more category on my public notebook “Make Money Online”, Here I’ll share about my money making tricks with proofs which help you to make money online Which help you initially to make some bucks online and pay your utility bills, And if you could become full time blogger then you can choose blogging as career and leave your 9-5 jobs. I am on the way.

Here I’ll talk about Book Depository Affiliate Program, I won’t discuss about what is affiliate marketing, I assume that you already aware about affiliate marketing. In this post I’ll talk about one of cool and trusted affiliate program which can help you to make money from your blog website, facebook page, email marketing etc.

What is Book Depository Affiliate Program

It is a program where you have to promote their books on your blog, website, twitter, facebook or emails, and if some one click on your referred link and make purchase on Book Depository, You earn commission for each approved sales.
In short – Link to The Book Depository through your email, blog, twitter or banners and buttons to start earning commission.

Why join The Book Depository?

* Free to join – it won’t cost you a thing!
* 5% commission on all orders, including pre-orders
* Monthly payments on approved sales
* Good for global traffic because they delivered books word wide.
* Easy payment transfer via Paypal

How to get started?

Step-1: Go To book depository affiliate panel, Click on the Join Us button
Step-2: Fill out the form
Step-3: Receive your password, Log in and away you go
Step-4: In left bar goto promotion tab, and you’ll see lot’s of stuff to promote book depository books by banner ads, links ads etc.
Step-5: If you are developer you can also create api for book depository products,and promote on your websites or blogs.
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My Book Depository Affiliate Earning Proof

In the mid of FEB, I started using book depository affiliate program and and with in 2 month I got my first affiliate payment via paypal. So i can assure you, This is a great affiliate program because they pay you on NET 30 days, As other affiliate program link amazon and flipkart they pay you on 60-90 days.
Here is the screen shot of my paypal account where I received money 155.74 £(GBP) from book depository on 12th April and Paypal transferred 11,807 Rs to my bank account, See below screen shot.

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