How to access password protected apps of android phone

Here i have one security tips for you, Most of the people are using “AppLock” or any other apps to lock their android apps and folders, So that nobody can access their private data. But do you think you really has protected your folder, messages or apps. Think Again..!!!

So in this topic i am going to tell you how you can access/unlock password protected folder of any android users. who has done this silly mistakes while locking their apps and messages.
People generally lock messages, gallery and other app but they forget to lock their “Settings” app which quite dangerous.

So lets this silly hacks begin. After reading below steps you’ll realize how silly it is..

This tricks works if someone doesn’t lock their “Settings” app.

Goto:- Settings >> Apps >> AppLock

After that you’ll able see the “FORCE STOP” button on the top of the screen, Click on that button.
This will force stop “AppLock” application, See attached screen shot.
Now you can access all the password protected applications of that android phone easily.

So If you have done this silly mistakes then secure yourself to lock your “Settings” app first after that lock any other app.

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