How to compress big files into small files

In this post i am going to introduce a very useful tool for compression big file into small files, Using this tool you can compress 1GB file into 10MB file, Most of the time we face the the problem like our hard disk is full and we want to store more data, Or There is other situation like you want to share a big 5GB file with your friends but because the size of the file you couldn’t share file in normal way because it takes too much time over internet,
There are the several other reason when we need to compress our files without loosing or damaging original file data So for that situation you can use this wonderful tool called KGB archiver for compression large file into small files.

There are lot’s of other software on internet, by which you can compress the files and decrease their size but majorities are fake or had a virus on it. One of them is WinRAR, this tool can compress our file by 10% and it will decrease the size of our files by 10% (Maximum). So in this case KGB archiver is the best option to compress any big file because by this tool you can compress any file up to 90% smaller in size.

Advantages of KGB Archiver Software:

* 90% compression rate. For e.g. (5GB = 50MB).
* Small in size and Easy to Use.
* This software is totally free of cost.
* There is no activation required.
* It can also create a password protected compress files.

Steps for compression large file.

Step.1: Download KGB Archievr Software from cnet: DOWNLOAD

Step.2: Install it on your PC, Then Open the KGB Archiver Software.

Step.3: Select Compress Files option from the list and click Next button.

Step.4: On the next window, select the folder path where you want to save the new compressed file and choose a name of the new compressed file.

Step.5: Next select the Compression level from Normal to Maximum and leave archive format as KGB by default.

Step.6: Select the files which you want to Compress by Clicking on Add File option, You can also compress whole directory by click on Add Directory button.

Step.7: After doing all this steps successfully, Click on Next button, file compression process will be start.This will take several minutes, depending on your file size be patience.

Step.8: Your files will be compressed successfully, Now you can decompress/extract that files at any time using this software.

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