How to Download All of Your Facebook Data like Photos, Videos, Contacts etc

You must have heard about Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Controversy #DeleteFacebook, Now People often worry about what Facebook knows about them, so I downloaded my personal Facebook archive to see for myself. And it is shocking that facebook have all the details about you. If you have downloaded facebook app on your mobile it’s sync your mobile contacts data and location details many more things, to serve you ads on your facebook wall as per your interest, facebook knows everything about you, with the help of data which you have shared on facebook it can easily judge your behavior and manipulate your thoughts. As you heard about lot Now Data is the New Currency.

I think you must download your all the facebook data once and check what you have been uploaded on facebook so far and what others details of your’s facebook have. facebook have built a self-service tool to offer people who have Facebook accounts the opportunity to download the personal data from their Facebook account that we hold about them.

Download Facebook Data

Steps To Download All of Your Facebook Data

Step:1- Log in to Your Facebook account on your web browser and click on Account Settings at the top right of any Facebook page and select Settings.

Step:2- Click General tab in the lefthand side column.

Step:3- Then Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data” at the bottom of the General Account Settings page.

Step:4- You’ll be taken to a new webpage to confirm that you really wish to download your Facebook information.

Step:5- After that Click the green Start My Archive button to continue.

Step:6- A confirmation message pops up, saying the system is gathering your information and will shoot a message to the email address on file as soon as your archive is ready for download. To continue, click the blue Start My Archive button.

Step:7- You must now verify your identity by typing your Facebook password in order to help protect the security of your account.

Step:8- It may take a little while depending on data you have shared on facebook so far and after that it’ll generate downloadable archive which have your , wall posts, messages, contacts and other information.

Step:9- Now check your inbox for a message from Facebook confirming that you requested a copy of your account data. You’ll soon receive another message containing a download link once it’s ready, which can take up to several hours.

Step:10- When you receive another message containing a download link, click it to retrieve an archive of your Facebook data. Download file then extract it to open index.html file and you can see all your facebook photos, videos data.