How to get free SSL certificate and transfer your website from http to https

Hello Fried’s I hope you are doing great, In this post I’ll show you How to get free SSL certificate and transfer your website from http to https, As you know after google announcement that they will give extra page rank boost to those sites which are secure and on https, Now everybody moving from http to https and A secure green notification on address bar tells visitor that they are connected with secure website and their password and any confidential information are protected.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This secure link ensures that all data transferred remains private. It’s also called TLS (Transport Layer Security). Millions of websites use SSL encryption everyday to secure connections and keep their customer’s data safe from monitoring and tampering.

Why Use SSL?

Every website on the Internet should be served over HTTPS. Here’s why:
Performance: Modern SSL can actually improve page load times.
Search Ranking Boost: Search engines favor HTTPS websites.
Security: Encrypting traffic with SSL ensures nobody can snoop on your users’ data.
Trust: By displaying a green lock in the browser’s address bar, SSL increases visitor’s trust.
Regulatory Compliance: SSL is a key component in PCI compliance.

How to get free SSL?

Cloudflare CDN Offering free SSL certificate to their user, You only need to create an account on cloudflare and replace default name server with custom cloudflare nameservers. manually configuring SSL requires several steps, and a misconfiguration can prevent users from getting to your website. Cloudflare allows any Internet property to become HTTPS-enabled with the click of a button. You’ll never need to worry about SSL certificates expiring or staying up to date with the latest SSL vulnerabilities when you’re using Cloudflare SSL.

Moving from http:// to https://

Step:1- Create account on

Step:2- Add your website on cloudflare and continue all the steps. It’ll extract all the DNS information form your registered agent, Please Do’t forget to verify all extracted DNS information, Some time it could failed to extract sub-domain information, If this happened you can manually add subdomain information in clouflare DNS panel.

Step:3- Update name server information in domain registrar, Change default name server and add custom clodflare nameservers.
Note: In picture these are my cloudflare nameservers, Do’t use that, You can find your clodflare nameservers under DNS section.

Step:4- Finally moving to https, Every newly added website takes 24 hours to issue SSL certificate, after that you can access your website with https:// like mine.

Step:5- Force transfer to https: Cloudflare automatically issue Free SSL but you need to force transfer all request to https, for force transfer create page rules in cloudflare panel and set all request should go to https. See below image.

All done, Now you have free SSL with unlimited validity, Cheers..!!! 🙂