How to improve/increase alexa ranking & why it’s important

Hello Guys, In this tutorial we are going to talk about very popular question that is why alexa ranking is important and how can we increase it.

First of all we need to know about what is alexa ranking?
Alexa rank is a global estimation of your website’s daily traffic. Alexa determines its ranking with a downloadable toolbar that tracks visits to your website. It’s a rough estimate of your website’s popularity. Alexa rank is calculated using a combination of daily average visitors, pageviews, daily time on site and type of search over a 3 month span.

Currently, Google is the no-1 top rated Alexa website and facebook is 2nd runner up so it’s a pretty good indicator of website traffic and popularity.


Now you might have aware about what is alexa ranking Now the second question is why it’s important.
So here are the some points to understand why it’s important.

1. Alexa ranking plays very important role to attract direct advertisers to buy ads slot on your website.
2. Lists you higher up in directories and lists that rate websites based on Alexa rank
3. Increases your backlinks because lots of bloggers create top 100 lists based on Alexa rating
4. For increasing social proof for your website.

If you succeeded to get high alexa ranking then it open lot’s of opportunity like people wants to post their brand article on your website and you can earn well.

Now let’s talk about the final and most important factor, How to increase alexa ranking?

1. You might have seen on alexa offical website that alexa recommended that install it’s alexa toolbar which will help you to boost alexa ranking, whenever you click on that tool bar you give it one hit to boost your ranking and you’ll see the improvement in your alexa ranking.

2. Add alexa widget on your website which will help visitor to know about your website global presence. If you have wordPress installed for your blog you can easily find out alexa weight on wordPress plugin market.

3. Post atleast 2-3 post every week because it will help you get repeated visitor who already subscribed your blog. because increasing alexa ranking in not the one day job.

4. Try to post some viral type of content which can attract some organic visitor, organic visitor is very important visitor who directly comes form search engine. Try to write content or tutorial to whom people are looking for on the web eagerly.

5. If you could provide some free downloadable stuff on your website Then it would be great to attract visitor on your website.

6. Don’t forget to share your article on social media websites like facebook, twitter and google plus, because social media optimization is very important to attract visitor on your website and will help to increase your alexa ranking.

7. Improve your site backlinks by commenting on websites which gets good traffic than you should leave there, your own your URL too. This is called back linking. However if you do this too much search engine like Google can penalize your site. Make backlink in a way that they look natural.

So with the help of above points you can improve your alexa ranking. and get impressive position for your blog or website over the web.

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