How to install and run any linux distribution from usb drive

In this tutorial i am going to show you how you can install and run your favorite linux os from usb drive.
Installing linux on usb/pen drive is quite easy by one of known software called Universal USB installer

You can download this software from here DOWNLOAD

Step-1: Run USB installer in your window machine
Step-2: In the USB installer screen you’ll see some option, 1st one is select a linux distribution,
You can download any linux os image from their official website like ubuntu, kali linux, linux mint, open suse etc.
almost all linux distribution works well with this software.

Step-3: Browse your downloaded linux image from your local drive.

Step-4: Select your USB drive where you are going to install linux os.

Step-5: After that click on Create button this will extract all required file form linux image and placed into your usb flash drive.

Now time to run your linux from USB drive OK

Step-6: First you need to change in bios setting of your system, Change boot priority from hard drive to USB drive.

Step-7: Now save the changes and restart you computer don’t forget to plugin your USB drive in your machine

If all goes well you’ll able to see your linux os welcome screen, Where you have to choose to run live version of your linux os.

Hope you like this tutorial and it will help you to install and run linux from your USB flash drive.

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