How to make phone number clickable on mobile / tablet website

Every business owners / individuals list their contacts on website’s contact page, So that visitor can directly get in touch with them, Today’s era everyone focusing on mobile friendly environment, with mobile responsive websites, And also user’s are liking to use internet over mobile devices, With this quick tip you can increase visitor’s engagement, You must use following link tag on your official mobile/phone/contact number so that as soon as user click on phone number they can directly call you by just one click, No need to to copy paste number’s manually.

Use tel: as hyperlink, you can easily make phone number clickable from your mobile / tablet device. In the href attribute, add tel: and insert the phone number with country code prefix. See below example.
Here is the demo for linking phone number to mobile device directly and making quick call from website.

<a href="tel:+910000000000">0000000000</a>

Where +91 is country code 0000000000 is demo number, You can replace this from your original number.

Thanks 🙂