How to make visible newly hosted websites in google search

Today we are going to discuss about a very important issue we face while we purchase and host our newly website and facing the issue with google search that why my website is not showing in google search.

SO here i am going to discuss about my experience what i do with my website to index in google search and got visibility in next 24-48 hours.

My steps to index my wordpress blog in google search super fast.
Note: Before doing below steps your website should be live.

Step-1: Create google webmaster account.

Steps-2: Create XML sitemap for your website and if you have normal html website there is lot’s of online XML sitemap generater tools are available on web like

If your website in wordpress you can install some available plugins for generating XML sitemap for your website.
I used “Yoast” one of the best plugin for doing SEO of wordpress website. And generate XML Sitemap.

Step-3: Place your website XML sitemap on your web root directory using ftp if you used online XML sitemap generater tools.
Your sitemap map url look like
In case of wordpress YOAST it does this task automatically.

Step-4: Login into your google web master account and add your website by click on “ADD A PROPERTY” button and popup will open here add your website link and click on continue button.

Step-5: Now click on your added website you can add multiple website here. you’ll see the dashboard. Now click on crawl-> sitemaps in left panel and here you’ll see ADD/TEST SITEMAP button on top right corner.

Step-6: create robots.txt file and place this file in your website root directory via ftp.

What is robots.txt

robots.txt tells search engines which pages have to index and which are not.
You can read more about robots.txt from here
My robots.txt is

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/

Where Disallow means i don’t want to crawl my admin panel in google search.

After creating robots.txt file place this file in your website root directory and check it
Or use google web master robots.txt tester tool.

Now wait at least 24-48 hours your website will become start indexing in google search, You can check by this syntax in google search box


Hope this tutorial will help you to index your website fast in google search.

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