How to publish your website on internet free in 30 minutes

Hello Friends, Today we are going to learn about how to publish your website on internet free.
You just need to purchase domain name from any domain name provider from Godaddy, BigRock etc.

And you don’t need to worry about hosting of website, Now a days there is lots of free hosting providers are available on internet, One of my favorite is Hostinger.

So lets start step by step.

Step-1: Purchase domain name, In my case i have purchase domain name from Godaddy.

Step-2: Create your account in Hostinger click below link to create your Hostinger Account.
Free Hosting

Step-3: Click on Hosting >> New Account see attached image below.

Step-4: Choose your hosting plan. Choose plan-1 which is free with some limitation, but sufficient for any start-up website you can see in below image.

Step-5: Fill out your account details like your domain name, If you don’t have domain now you can also choose sub domain to test this feature. I assume that you have your custom domain.
Complete your account details..

Step-6: After successful you’ll see your all created accounts list, Now click on manage tab.

Step-7: Now you can see your free hosting dashboard with lot’s of free features, Here you can create your email address with your domain name like [email protected]. Lot’s of feature you can try here. But first need to get nameservers of your free hosting by clicking on DNS Zone Editor

Step-8: Here you’ll see your free hosting nameservers details copy these nameservers details and paste it in your domain name configuration.
Nameservers point your domain to where it is located.

Step-9: Change your domain nameservers. In my case i have changed my godaddy default nameservers to hostinger nameservers, You also need to change your domain namesarvers with hostinger nameservres where you have purchased your domain. See below image.

Step-10: Now you have configured all the settings which was required to up your website, Now time to build your website. Go to your hosting dashboard and click on Website builder. It is a free tool to build your website without knowing any programming language.

Step-11: Here 1st you have to select template for your website which is good for your business and edit your template as per your need and when editing is finished time to publish your website on internet by clicking on publish button on upper right corner see below.

Step-12: Now time to hit your domain name on browser and you will see your running website.

Hope this tutorial will help you to create and publish your website on internet free. :):):)

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