How to remove background of image in just few clicks

This is a wonderful quick trick about removing background of image and make it transparent without any software, If you are developer and you don’t know about designing software like photoshop, You may face problem to making image transparent, But there is a online trick by which you can easily remove the background of image in few clicks.
You can easily erase the white background of image, Here i am going to execute this tricks using online web tool.

Steps to Remove the Background of a Picture

Step.1: First of all go to

Step.2: Upload desired image to website By clicking on upload image button.

Step.3: After that apply red and green marking on the image, mark green which part you don’t want to remove and mark red which part you want to remove and make transparent.

Step.4: After that click on red mark icon in below image and your new image preview will be display on right side of the screen.

Step.5: Finally click on Download button to save your picture.