Top 50 Popular HTML5 Canvas Game With Source Code

Are you looking for free HTML5 Canvas Game With Source Code and learn how to code game, and how game made. Then in this post I am going to share some popular game which are fully open source and you can download source code and customise code to create your own game and impress your friends.

HTML5 Canvas Game With Source Code

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked HTML 5 Canvas Game With Source Code.

S.No. Name Details Popularity(Likes)
1 simple_canvas_game Quick tutorial on how to make a simple HTML5 Canvas game 471
2 Hilo A Cross-end HTML5 Game development solution developed by Alibaba Group 5.3k
3 canvas-tetris A 2D tetris game in HTML5 canvas 330
4 tower_game 盖楼游戏 html5 canvas tower building game 915
5 Gamedev-Canvas-workshop Learn how to build 2D HTML5 Breakout game with pure JavaScript 230

6 galaxian-canvas-game A Galaxian Style HTML5 Canvas Game. Hosts all the files for the five part tutorial series on… 103
7 HTML5-Canvas-Game-Boilerplate Provides a set of default code that makes getting up and running with an HTML5 canvas game very easy. 150
8 jaws Jaws – HTML5 canvas javascript 2D Game Framework 360
9 Simple-game-with-HTML5-Canvas Simple Javascript canvas tutorial sources. 103
10 phaser-examples Contains hundreds of source code examples and related media for the Phaser HTML5 Game Framework. 1.6k
11 diablo-js Isometric minimal-code style game at html5 canvas and javascript 771
12 HTML5-Minesweeper Minesweeper game using jQuery and HTML5 canvas 85
13 Excalibur A simple HTML5 Canvas game engine written in TypeScript 674

14 phaser Phaser is a fun, free and fast 2D game framework for making HTML5 games for desktop and mobile web browsers, supporting 26.6k
15 Karma-Slots Simple HTML5/js/canvas slot machine game 116
16 iioEngine iio Engine: A JavaScript game engine for HTML5 Canvas 439
17 pixi.js The HTML5 Creation Engine: Create beautiful digital content with the fastest, most flexible 2D WebGL renderer. 28.5k
18 BlocksJS A lightweight 2D HTML5 canvas game framework 128
19 Laro a game engine based on html5 canvas 95
20 phaser-ce Phaser CE is a fun, free and fast 2D game framework for making HTML5 games for desktop and mobile web browsers, suppo… 1.1k
21 endless-runner-html5-game An Endless Runner Style HTML5 Canvas Game. Hosts all the files for the two part tutorial series on http://blog.sklamb… 58
22 tetr.js Tetris clone in HTML5 and JavaScript 49
23 html5-lightcycles HTML5 canvas game inspired by Tron 34
24 dreamengine html5 canvas game engine 40
25 Match-3-Game-HTML5 How to make a Match-3 game with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript. 36
26 DuckHunt-JS DuckHunt ported to JS and HTML5 333
27 Snake-JavaScript The Snake game, created using JavaScript, and The HTML5 canvas. 41
28 rawkets Massively multiplayer space game utilising HTML5 canvas and WebSockets 192
29 SC_Js Classic RTS game using html5 canvas and javascript, only js codes, all copyrighted materials removed 530
30 Asteroids-Reloaded Asteroids [Reloaded] – HTML5 Canvas JavaScript game 20
31 Tetris-JavaScript The Tetris game, created using JavaScript, and The HTML5 canvas. 42
32 freeciv-web Freeciv-web is an Open Source strategy game implemented in HTML5 and WebGL, which can be played online against other … 1.3k
33 melonJS a fresh & lightweight javascript game engine 2.9k
34 HTML5-Canvas-Game My first html5 canvas game, inspired by (Permission has been given to release). 13
35 Gamedev-Canvas-Content-Kit Learn how to build HTML5 Games in JavaScript 29
36 FlappyBird-JavaScript The Flappy Bird game, created using JavaScript, and The HTML5 canvas. 44
37 pong Pong HTML5 canvas game built for 15
38 canvaslife Conway’s Game of Life implemented in HTML5 canvas. 39
39 Centipede-Angular JavaScript / AngularJS / HTML5 canvas Centipede Game 30
40 HTML5-canvas-game—POKEMON- a great idea that i had in order to challenge a bit my canvas skills. 13
41 scalajs-simple-canvas-game Simple HTML5 Canvas game ported to Scala.js. 27
42 HTML5-canvas-breakout-game 16
43 tank-game A game written using Node.js, WebSockets, and HTML5 canvas 23
44 Breakout This is Atari Breakout clone in Javascript HTML5 12
45 html5-plugin-canvas-gamepad 12
46 ol-games :video_game: Game stuff for Openlayers, powered by HTML5, canvas, javascript and Openlayers. 46
47 pacman Pac-Man game written in HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery with Canvas. This WebApp is a Responsive Web Design (RWD) website. 85
48 phaser3-docs Phaser 3 Documentation and TypeScript Defs 281
49 Coil HTML5 canvas game where you defeat enemies by wrapping enemies in your trail 34
50 games-js Jogo do livro de HTML5 Canvas 5

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