Index your web page in google search just an hour

In this tutorial i am going to talk about one of the most useful trick which you can try to promote your any web page in google search just in hour. I personally tried this trick to index some of my website pages in google search.

This really works for me, Suppose you created a web page and waiting google to index them, Please don’t wait use this trick.

Note: But google allow only 500 pages in month by this method. So please use this method for your most important pages.

Step-1: Login into your google web master account. If you don’t have web master account create one.

Step-2: After success ful login Add your website in google web master.

Step-4: Click on your added website

Step-5: Find link “Fetch as Google” in left bar under crawl tab, Click on it. See the screen shot
Step-6: Now Enter your page name and click on fetch button, It’ll fetch your page and you’ll able see the option “Submit to index”, Now click on this button to tell google index my page.

This method works very fast try it once and see the result after an hour.

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