30 Popular jQuery AutoComplete Plugins

Are you looking for jQuery AutoComplete Plugins for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated jQuery AutoComplete Plugins. You can use these popular jQuery AutoComplete Plugins to make your web application more awesome.

jQuery AutoComplete Plugins

jQuery AutoComplete Plugins

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked jQuery AutoComplete Plugins.

S.No. Name Details Popularity(Likes)
1 jQuery-autoComplete An extremely lightweight completion suggester plugin for jQuery that is used in production on Pixabay.com. 308
2 autoComplete.js A jQuery Mobile autocomplete plugin 205
3 jquery.disableAutoFill Disable form auto-fill and auto-complete functions. 153
4 jQuery.AutoComplete 基于jQuery的自动补全插件 64
5 jQuery-Smart-Auto-Complete AutoComplete plugin with smart defaults and flexibility to customize 251

6 completer A simple jQuery auto complete plugin. 84
7 auto_complete_jquery Rails plugin for auto_complete with jQuery instead of Prototype/Scriptaculous 106
8 jquery.ajax-combobox jQuery plugin to create a text box which can auto-complete and pull-down-select. 78
9 django-selectable Tools and widgets for using/creating auto-complete selection widgets using Django and jQuery UI. 116
10 Autocomplete jQuery like auto complete for iOS UITextField 35
11 jquery.amsify.suggestags This is a simple JQuery plugin for input tags with auto complete suggestion. 29
12 Visualforce-jQuery Example showing how to implement jQuery auto-complete on a Visualforce page 10
13 jquery-yummi Delicious� style auto-complete for jQuery 14

14 WordPress-AutoComplete-Search This is a class implementation of the wp.tuts+ tutorial: Add jQuery Autocomplete to Your Site�s Search 6
15 jquery-coolautosuggest JQuery Plugin for AJAX auto-suggest or auto-complete with many options like thumbnail picture. 7
16 auto-complete jQuery Auto Complete Plugin 6
17 django-ajax-select jQuery-powered auto-complete fields for ForeignKey, ManyToMany and text fields 14
18 brackets-cdn-suggestions Provides auto-complete suggestions for common scripts/CSS documents hosted by Google (e.g. jQuery, AngularJS) 27
19 jquery-autocomplete jQuery Auto-Complete Plugin — modification of http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-autocomplete/ 4
20 jquery jquery auto completer with textarea
21 jquery-autocomplete-plus Auto Complete 1
22 mvc-jquery-autocomplete Auto Complete in ASP.NET MVC Using jQuery UI and Web API 1
23 jQuery-Suggester Flexible Facebook-like auto-complete widget for jQuery 8
24 jquery.tagging jQuery Auto Complete plugin for token input 5
25 glAutoTag A simple, customizable, lightweight auto-complete and tags plugin for jQuery 4
26 auto-complete-user-dict User dictionaries of auto-complete.el(1.4.0) for jQuery and underscore.js 5
27 auto-complete-for-text-input-box An auto complete jquery plugin. 3
28 inlinedAutocomplete An auto-complete suggestion box for jQuery UI. Use this to add GitHub-style mention support. (Discontinued) 15
29 jQuery-gComplete-Plugin auto complete plugin 2
30 Sol_AutoComplete_TextBox_MVC ASP.net Core, Jquery 2

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