20+ jQuery Captcha Plugins

jQuery Captcha – Are you looking for jQuery Captcha, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked jQuery Captcha Plugins for you. CAPTCHA is designed to recognize the difference between a bot and human and sometimes even malicious software to provide the security to your system. If you want to prevent the entry of bots into your website then you can start using the CAPTCHA as it is the smartest way to stop it. You can use these jQuery Captcha Plugins in your next web based projects.

jQuery Captcha

Following are the list of jQuery Captcha.

Contact form with filter validation and captcha code DEMO

 Contact form with filter validation and captcha code

In this pen I use jQuery to code contact form with captcha code and custom filter validation for other fields. – By mel

JQCap – jQuery Captcha Widget DEMO

 JQCap - jQuery Captcha Widget

JQCap (jQuery Captcha Widget) – It randomly creates captcha characters using jQuery and create an image by drawing on canvas. – By ahsanrathore

Custom Pure Javascript CAPTCHA DEMO

 Custom Pure Javascript CAPTCHA

A hand made pure JS CAPTCHA for differentiating human from robots – By teamturret

bootstrap captcha DEMO

 bootstrap captcha

– By jhonel

Captcha Colors experiment DEMO

 Captcha Colors experiment

– By nakome

Giphy Captcha DEMO

 Giphy Captcha

Just a silly idea. What if annoying captcha image in a form was a GIF from Giphy. Functionally not the greatest but at least you get to enjoy cute awesome GIFs! – By hotate17

Simple captcha DEMO

 Simple captcha

Simple captcha generator – By AlexisBertin

Javascript Captcha As Image DEMO

 Javascript Captcha As Image

This pen is about how we can create a captcha using javascript and display that as image using canvas. – By manishjanky

HTML-only captcha DEMO

 HTML-only captcha

Very simple HTML-only captcha – By jamesbarnett

Fake Captcha DEMO

 Fake Captcha

CSS animated Captcha – By mecarter

bootstrap captcha DEMO

 bootstrap captcha

– By axelaredz

CSS Bot Confusion DEMO

 CSS Bot Confusion

Rearranges the letters in a captcha word with CSS. Click the “View as bot” link to see things from a spambot’s perspective. – By jpod

Captcha DEMO


– By Inti_Developer

Captcha Code Generatore “JS” DEMO

 Captcha Code Generatore

– By mahmoudamane5



Capthca with validation using javascript – By abdelrahmanBa

CAPTCHA (1) Kathy Pine DEMO

 CAPTCHA (1) Kathy Pine

– By thechasedesign

Validate Google reCAPTCHA DEMO

 Validate Google reCAPTCHA

Simple Google reCAPTCHA Validation using reCAPTCHA API – By martinpulido

Captcha DEMO


A very stylish captcha created by theotime.me. It offers 3 protections: time to click, mous-positionning and fake inputs. – By theotime

reCAPTCHA Responsive Scaling DEMO

 reCAPTCHA Responsive Scaling

Scale the reCAPTCHA iframe element depending on its container’s width. – By dloewen

Captcha DEMO


– By Sahebt_Alezar

Captcha DEMO


– By lancememan

noCaptcha DEMO


this. – By zystvan

CSS only: Google Captcha DEMO

 CSS only: Google Captcha

– By Raybe

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