20+ jQuery CSS Comment Box

jQuery CSS Comment Box – Are you looking for jQuery CSS Comment Box Plugins, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked jQuery CSS Comment Box Examples for you. You can use these jQuery CSS Comment Box in your next web based projects.

jQuery CSS Comment Box

Following are the list of jQuery CSS Comment Box.

Comments Box / List | Lista de Comentarios DEMO

 Comments Box / List | Lista de Comentarios

A just simple responsive comments list. Solo una simple lista de comentarios responsive – By Creaticode

Comments App – AngularJS DEMO

 Comments App - AngularJS

A simple comment app usgin AngularJS – By cesar_mejiag

Comments DEMO


Using a display: table and display: table-cell. Bourbon, reset.css – By kavendish

JQuery Comments Box DEMO

 JQuery Comments Box

– By peternguyen

Comment Card Animation DEMO

 Comment Card Animation

Flip through a stack of comment cards – By shshaw

Simple Firebase Comments DEMO

 Simple Firebase Comments

Credit to http://codepen.io/mstone6769/pen/zvObRY. November 20th: Added time-stamp feature. April 2018: Doesn’t seem to work anymore! – By joshbivens

Starting a React-Powered Comment Form DEMO

 Starting a React-Powered Comment Form

Demo from video: https://css-tricks.com/video-screencasts/147-starting-react-powered-comment-form/ – By chriscoyier

REACTing Codepen Comment Editor – DRAFTJS DEMO

 REACTing Codepen Comment Editor - DRAFTJS

This pen shows an implementation of Draft.js framework built by facebook. It’s a powerful Rich Text Editor with ton of potential! – By rkpasia

Comment with character counter DEMO

 Comment with character counter

Simple character counter with a custom min and max comment length. Not much in the way of validation, just something simple. – By tjFogarty

Simple comment box in jquery DEMO

 Simple comment box in jquery

v1.1 – browser remembers comments. – By humbl3man

AngularJS comments form DEMO

 AngularJS comments form

via http://www.interaktionsdesigner.de/2013/03/16/ein-einstieg-in-angularjs/ – By cfleschhut

AngularJS photo card with comments DEMO

 AngularJS photo card with comments

Simple card concept with photo and comments. Inspired by https://dribbble.com/shots/1093954-Places-comments – By thedoctor46super

Simple Comment Box using Bootstrap 3 DEMO

 Simple Comment Box using Bootstrap 3

– By magnus16

Places comments widget (CSS3) DEMO

 Places comments widget (CSS3)

Simle places comments widget with single finger scrolling for inner contents made with CSS3! – By kamil

Comments DEMO


Design by Nicolas Gallagher that I like. From here: http://jsfiddle.net/necolas/vhZds/light/ – By chriscoyier

timeline comment DEMO

 timeline comment

– By design8383

Comment image widget DEMO

 Comment image widget

Inspired by Dribbble (http://dribbble.com/shots/1093954-Places-comments) – By jaflo

Comments thread DEMO

 Comments thread

Original project here: http://designitcodeit.com/i/11 – By Idered

Comments module with flexbox DEMO

 Comments module with flexbox

Flexbox demo for a simple comments module. Was used as a demo in a Smashing Magazine article, March 2015: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2015/03/02/harnessing-flexbox-for-todays-web-apps – By imohkay

CSS comment box DEMO

 CSS comment box

– By talentedunicorn

React Comments DEMO

 React Comments

Little test run with react-motion in the form of a basic comment box. – By DelaneFrear

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