20+ jQuery CSS LightBox Examples

HTML CSS LightBox Examples – Are you looking for HTML CSS LightBox Examples, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked HTML CSS LightBox Examples for you. You can also use pure lightbox gallery on your website display portfolio pictures. Lightbox simply displays images and videos by filling the screen, and dimming out the rest of the web page. You can use these HTML CSS LightBox Examples in your next web based projects.


HTML CSS LightBox Examples

Following are the list of HTML CSS LightBox Examples.

Pure CSS Lightbox DEMO

Here is a pure CSS lightbox made possible by use of the :target CSS selector.

Lightbox gallery DEMO

Simple lightbox gallery Responsive too (sort of) v2.2 – add a way to pass HD versions of images to the popup

Lightbox Widget DEMO

An example of a famo.us lightbox widget. The lightbox flips between thumbnail and detail view when an item is clicked. Edit the grid layout using the sliders. Animations are powered by both easing curves and physics animations.

Basic Image Thumbnail Gallery DEMO

HTML5/CSS3 Image Thumbnail Gallery with Lightbox Effect Tutorial from Treehouse Blog: http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/html5css3-image-thumbnail-gallery-with-lightbox-effect

Conditional Lightbox for Responsive Design DEMO

YouTube Responsive Lightbox DEMO

A quick lightbox using basic JavaScript and some light CSS. This is written for anyone whom needs to add a lighbox to a site but can’t add or has jQuery conflict issues (such as a locked down CMS).

Fancybox – iframe in lightbox DEMO

A simple boilerplate to using the Fancybox jQuery plugin to open iframe in a lightbox.

Bootstrap Lightbox – no plugin DEMO

Demo for a friend who wanted to add a lightbox plugin to a site that already had Bootstrap. Don’t do that! Use what you’ve got.

Bootstrap modal carousel lightbox DEMO

I merged modal and carousel without even a character of javascript and created a slim lightbox example.

jQuery Lightbox Custom DEMO

A great little lightbox script that is easy to implement and can be used for a variety of purposes. Inspired by Tony Lea and modified to my liking.

Simple Image Lightbox w/ Simple Slideshow DEMO

Inspired from lightbox by Jim Nielsen at: http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/htmlcss-tutorials/super-simple-lightbox-with-css-and-jquery/

Lightbox Gallery with Jquery and CSS3 DEMO

Fully functional lightbox using Jquery with both mouse and keyboard based controls for navigating images.

HTML CSS LightBox Examples

Following are the list of HTML CSS LightBox Examples.

Responsive CSS3 Lightbox with no JS DEMO

Expanding on the ideas in this very popular article on my blog: http://designcouch.com/home/why/2013/11/01/responsive-css3-lightbox-with-no-javascript/

vue-pure-lightbox demo DEMO

Vanilla JS Lightbox Slideshow DEMO

A simple vanilla js lightbox slideshow script

CSS Lightbox DEMO

A lightbox made out of pure css using the :target method.

Simple lightbox DEMO

Bootstrap 4 Lightbox Gallery DEMO

Responsive Image Gallery with jQuery Lightbox DEMO

A responsive image gallery with a simple lightbox created with Bootstrap and jQuery.

Gallery Hover Lightbox Animation DEMO

A lightbox animation I designed and developed for an employee directory.

Experiment: Using Picture Element and VW+VH units as a Lightbox DEMO

Image Lightbox DEMO

This is a simple image lightbox.

CSS Only Lightbox DEMO

This is a no frills pure css lightbox effect. It is simple and straight to the point. The lightbox effect doesn’t require jquery which makes it super lightweight.

Treehouse: Photo Gallery DEMO

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