50 Popular jQuery Image Slider Plugins

Are you looking for jQuery Image Slider Plugins for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated jQuery Image Slider Plugins. You can use these popular jQuery Image Slider Plugins to create awesome image slideshow with next previous buttons and many more features and make your web application more awesome.

jQuery Image Slider Plugins

jQuery Image Slider Plugins

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked jQuery Image Slider Plugins.

S.No. Name Details Popularity(Likes)
1 Nivo-Slider-jQuery Nivo Slider – The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider 1.2k
2 threesixty-slider jQuery 360 image slider plugin 836
3 coin-slider jQuery Image Slider with Unique Transitions Effects 138
4 Devrama-Slider jQuery Image/HTML Slider Plugin 57
5 Lean-Slider A Lean and Progressive Free jQuery Image Slider 91

6 jquery-image-slider-plugin-quake-image-slider jQuery Image Slider Plugin Quake Image Slider 32
7 thumbelina A very lightweight jQuery content slider designed for thumbnail images. 57
8 directorySlider jQuery slider that uses all images from a specified directory 40
9 Blueberry A jQuery image slider plugin written specifically for responsive web design. 171
10 Slides Slides is a crazy simple slideshow plugin for jQuery. With features like looping, auto play, fade or slide transition… 1.8k
11 imgSlider A simple jquery plugin for creating image comparison sliders 44
12 iView iView is easy to use jQuery image slider with animated captions, responsive layout and HTML Elements like (Video, iFr… 278
13 jQuery-Full-Width-Image-Slider Lightweight, responsive, full width image Slider 22

14 jQuery-Parallax-Slider jQuery Plugin to create a Parallax Effect Image Slider 21
15 wmuSlider A jQuery responsive slider with touch support and AJAX image gallery. 1
16 iosslider iosslider is a jQuery plugin which allows you to integrate a customizable, cross-browser content slider into your web… 445
17 liferayImageSlider Configurable JQuery Image Slider portlet for Liferay 7
18 skdslider Jquery full width image slider 12
19 TriplePanelImageSlider A tutorial about how to create a triple panel jQuery image slider with a 3D look and swipe-like transitions. 17
20 Slicebox Slicebox is  a jQuery 3D image slider plugin that makes use of CSS 3D Transforms and provides a graceful fallback for… 406
21 instaslider A lightweight jQuery image slider / carousel plugin that populates content from an Instagram hashtag. 20
22 BeaverSlider BeaverSlider – jQuery image gallery 9
23 Image-Scale-Carousel A jQuery image slider scaling its images to the width and height of the container keeping their aspect ratio in tact. 17
24 image-slide-with-single-img Nice image slide animation with a single div, animate css and a little jQuery 🙂 5
25 impulse-slider A jQuery 3D Image Slider Plugin 4
26 s3_slider jQuery: slideshow displaying images + description, ~1kb for js+css, simple and elegant 21
27 jQuery-MaskifySlider An image slider which positions your images on different DOM elements as if they were acting as a mask. 13
28 dreamSlider Dream Slider is a image slider jQuery Plugin with interactive visual effects 6
29 pictip jQuery PicTip is a plugin that adds handy tooltips to your images, slideshows, sliders and more. 60
30 A-simple-jQuery-powered-image-slider A simple but elegant image slider based on a design by Orman Clark 7
31 simpleSlider An easy and simple image slider based on jQuery 10
32 slidejs SlideJs – Image Slider jQuery Plugin 4
33 jquery-divider A jQuery plugin for a sliding image divider 10
34 ma5slider ma5slider – jQuery Image slider. Ease to use, lightweight, responsive, mouse draggable, customizable by CSS classes, … 10
35 jQuery-Carousel A simple javascript carousel for sliding NOT only images. 6
36 slidebox Slidebox is a super tiny jQuery carousel slider with lightbox-like image enlargement 7
37 Dot-Slider simple easy-to-use images slideshow jquery plugins 3
38 hexo-tag-twentytwenty Hexo tag to embed Image Comparison Slider Scripts. Image Comparison Slider depend on jQuery Twenty Twenty plugin. 6
39 JiSlider Simple Image Slider – jQuery Plugin 3
40 one-page-app Single page application boilerplate for Web or mobile using Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and Javascript on Node.js. Crea… 125
41 jquery-slideshow A simple image slide show jQuery plugin 4
42 slick-slider-demo A demo of using jQuery plugin for image carousel.
43 Jquery-SimpleSlider Jquery Simple Slider.JQuery plugin, image/photo gallery with description content for a product base website. 3
44 Simple-Image-Slider It is a really cool slider. It has pretty nice sliding effect, and a less loading time as created by Javascript, no j… 6
45 c5_designer_gallery Boilerplate image gallery block that makes is easy(er) for designers to add a jquery / javascript slideshow, slider, … 20
46 Responsive-Jquery-Image-Slider This is an usually advanced Jquery image slider for your web developing. You can modify it as you think. 7
47 ajSlider Image and Content jQuery Plugin 7
48 ImageSlideShow jQuery Slide Show Project 1
49 QueueSlider Another jQuery slider plugin for variable width images. 2
50 imagecycle Insert a slideshow into your page or template. Manage the images, captions and hrefs recursively in the pagetree and …

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