15+ jQuery InputMask Plugins

jQuery InputMask – Are you looking for jQuery InputMask Plugin, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked jQuery InputMask Plugins for you. You can use these jQuery InputMask in your next web based projects. to enhance user experience.

jQuery InputMask

Following are the list of jQuery InputMask.

input masking DEMO

 input masking

jQuery Input Masks DEMO

 jQuery Input Masks

Vue Input Mask DEMO

 Vue Input Mask

Date input mask DEMO

 Date input mask

A long winded, pretty bespoke input mask for a date input. A quick fix for an internal project. Allows the user to type the slash if they want, and fills it in for them if they don’t. Matches the format ‘DD/MM/YYYY’ and only that format.

Halloween Switcher DEMO

 Halloween Switcher

input mask

RegEx Based Input Mask DEMO

 RegEx Based Input Mask

Using a keyup event, we can provide a very good experience on a masked input field

Input Mask For Phone Number DEMO

 Input Mask For Phone Number

Trying to find a plugin for input masking – I found none that work with jQ2… This pen uses jQ 1.7.2 and this plugin:

Input masking DEMO

 Input masking

Vanilla Javascript input masking and formatting that calculates the correct caret/cursor position.

Input mask DEMO

 Input mask

Polymer paper-input mask DEMO

 Polymer paper-input mask


Input Masking DEMO

 Input Masking

Hide or

input-masks-part-2 DEMO


jQuery Phone Number Mask DEMO

 jQuery Phone Number Mask

Input Masking DEMO

 Input Masking

Playing with ui-mask DEMO

 Playing with ui-mask

Accessible input masks DEMO

 Accessible input masks

Angular Material Datepicker and ngMask DEMO

 Angular Material Datepicker and ngMask

Sample how to integrate ngMask with Angular Material Datepicker.

React Caret Input DEMO

 React Caret Input

Input masking with react

Input Mask Use Cases DEMO

 Input Mask Use Cases

input mask ip address DEMO

 input mask ip address

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