30 Popular jQuery Lazy Load Plugins

Are you looking for jQuery Lazy Load Plugins for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated jQuery Lazy Load Plugins. Lazy Load delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) wont be loaded before user scrolls to them. You can use these popular jQuery Lazy Load Plugins to make your web application more awesome.


jQuery Lazy Load Plugins

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked jQuery Lazy Load Plugins.

S.No. Name Short Description Popularity
1 unveil A very lightweight jQuery plugin to lazy load images 4.3k
2 lazy-load-xt Lazy load XT is a jQuery plugin for images, videos and other media 1.4k
3 jquery.lazy A lightweight, fast, feature-rich, powerful and highly configurable delayed content, image and background lazy loading … 878
4 BttrLazyLoading [Unmaintained] Responsive Lazy Loading plugin for JQuery 420
5 lazyload 一个jQuery或zepto的图片延迟加载插件。An jQuery | zepto plugin for lazy loading images. 672

6 lazyYT A jQuery plugin to lazy load those dang Youtube iframe videos. 211
7 lazyload-rails jQuery Lazy Load for Rails image_tag helpers 232
8 Lazy-Load-Images-without-jQuery Lazy load your images without the overhead of a library. IE7+, FF, Chrome. 95
9 jquery-lazyjson Load and display JSON easily and dynamically 45
10 jquery-lazyloadanything Lazy load (trigger events) when elements come into view 44
11 jquery.mobile.lazyloader jquery.mobile.lazyloader is a proper jQuery Mobile Widget for lazy loading listviews with AJAX calls to a server-side… 77
12 lazy_load Demo of lazy load using jQuery 10
13 wp-jquery-lazy-load jQuery image lazy load plugin for WordPress 34

14 jquery-lazy-images Lazy image loading for Rails 3.1+ 15
15 jquery-lazyimage A simple and lightweight plugin to lazily load images. 12
16 jQueryLazyScrollLoading jQuery Lazy Scroll Loading Plugin 7
17 recliner A lightweight production ready jQuery plugin for lazy loading images and other dynamic content 50
18 jquery-zload jQuery plugin for lazy loading background images 11
19 jquery.lazyimg Image lazy load plugin for jQuery, fork from jquery.unveil to improve performance with huge DOMs. 23
20 jquery.lazyLoader Semantic, organic responsive images 29
21 jqthumb Create thumbnails from images proportionally and a fallback for CSS3 background-size in older browsers + lazy-load. I… 134
22 laziestloader LaziestLoader is a responsive and retina-aware lazy loader for jQuery 62
23 jQuery-Lazy-Load Images Lazy Load for jQuery 6
24 eskju-jquery-lazyloading EsKju’s LazyLoading is a tool for loading content just in time in a Facebook-similar style. It was built using the jQ… 20
25 xLazyLoader [deprecated] jquery plugin for asynchron load of javascripts, css and images 10
26 jQuery-lazyload A jQuery plugin that loads your images only when the user scrolls down the page. 20
27 AngularJs-RequireJs-Dynamic-locale_ocLazyLoad-jQuery-BootStrap-AdminLTE-Bower-Grunt-YO-Project 6
28 imgLazyLoad A concise, high-performance plugin of jQuery for lazy load images. 3
29 jquery-social-plugins A jQuery plugin to lazy load social plugins such as Facebook Connect, Twitter Widgets, Google +1, and LinkedIn. 13
30 lazyload.js a jQuery plugin for lazy-loading images, then getting on with your code 8

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