20 Popular jQuery Music / Audio Player Plugins

Are you looking for jQuery Music / Audio Player Plugins for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated jQuery Music / Audio Player Plugins. You can use these popular jQuery Music / Audio Player Plugins to make your web application more awesome.

jQuery Music / Audio Player Plugins

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked jQuery Music / Audio Player Plugins.

  1. mkhplayer HTML5 audio and video player jQuery plugin
  2. jquery.musicplayer simple HTML5 <audio> player plugin for jquery
  3. jQuery-jlEmbed jlEmbed is a plugin for jQuery, which makes it easier to add embedded media players to your webpage. With support for…
  4. AudioPlayer A Responsive jQuery Audio Player Plugin
  5. vpplayer Jquery Audio player plugin

  6. html5-jquery-audio HTML5 jQuery Audio Player plugin for WordPress
  7. audioplayer jQuery plugin on top of “SoundManager 2” or “SoundJS” to implement a custom audio player.
  8. Simple-Audio-Player Simple-Audio-Player is a lightweight JavaScript library which is implemented as a jQuery plugin and based on flash an…
  9. publiwatch-audio-player JQuery Plugin for a accessible audio player
  10. audio-player A simple HTML5 audio player plugin for jQuery
  11. oiplayer HTML5 media player jQuery plugin for Open Images. It supports video as well as audio with a fallback to Flash and Java.
  12. musicPlayer jquery plugin using html5 audio tag
  13. McPlayer McPlayer, A full-width audio player with playlist build with HTML5/CSS/JS/AJAX, Plugin for WordPress

  14. jQuery.AudioPlayer.js A audio player of jQuery plugin.
  15. jsRapAudio JQuery audio player plugin
  16. TuneMeUp Audio player jQuery Plugin
  17. audio-plugin jQuery plugin for custom audio player UI
  18. html5-jquery-audio-player WordPress.org Plugin Mirror
  19. JavaScript-AudioPlayer-jPlayer.jQuery Our implementation of the jPlayer plugin for jQuery
  20. vpplayer-shaka-video-integration Jquery Video/Audio player plugin

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