20+ JS Calculator Scripts

JS Calculator Scripts – Are you looking for JS Calculator Script, If yes then in this post I am going to share hand-picked JS Calculator Scripts for you. Some time You have to integrate calculator to your website. As every visitor of your site wants information in figures and stats. Now, a calculator can do a lot of tasks on the front-end too. In fact, sometimes you would need this tool to present stats like BMI index, Currency calculators and more. So, these calculators will ease out your workload too! Because computing the values would not take any manual efforts. Plus, you are dead sure about getting the accurate results. You can use these JS Calculator Scripts in your next web based projects.


JS Calculator Scripts

Following are the list of JS Calculator Scripts.

JavaScript calculator DEMO

Vanilla JS. Sizing is iffy on smaller devices.

React Calculator DEMO

A calculator built with React

Simple Calculator DEMO

Just a simple calculator, not much to describe.

Simple jQuery Calculator DEMO

A simple calculator implemented using jQuery. Another FCC zipline challenge.

React Calculator DEMO

Calculator is an exercise in React, playing with custom data stores and PostCSS. Click the RECALL button for a brief abstraction on a Flux store. The code for the store starts on line 177.

Memory-first Calculator DEMO

Visual memory for a calculator.

JavaScript Calculator DEMO

A simple calculator built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Calculator starter DEMO

This is the starter file for a blog post “How to build a calculator”. You can follow the lesson at https://zellwk.com/blog/calculator-part-1

Apple’s Calculator DEMO

An html/css version of Apple’s Calculator. Fonts are guessed. Calculator logic done using Angular.js

Simple Calculator DEMO

Simple Javascript calculator. Might have some bugs. Original js code from http://thecodeplayer.com/walkthrough/javascript-css3-calculator. Also, if anyone has a dribbble invite, https://dribbble.com/josec or [email protected]

Calculator DEMO

calculator DEMO

javascript calculator

calculator DEMO

javascript calculator

JavaScript Calculator DEMO

A simple example of building a calculator in JavaScript.

Bootstrap JS Calculator DEMO

A calculator I made using Bootstrap, CSS, and JavaScript

Calculator DEMO

Simple calculator using CSS and JS, free code camp project.

Javascript and CSS3 Calculator DEMO

Learn to make a cool looking calculator using Javascript and CSS3.

Brushed Metal Calculator DEMO

This is a Freecodecamp zipline project. Brushed metal buttons idea was taken from: http://simurai.com/lab/2011/08/21/brushed-metal/

JavaScript Slider Calculator DEMO

A simple example of building a calculator with the slider using JavaScript

Wage Gap Calculator DEMO

dailyui 004: Calculator is a weightier take on calculations than some pretty squares with numbers in them.

Javascript Calculator DEMO

Featured on Free Code Camp @ https://www.freecodecamp.com/challenges/build-a-javascript-calculator. Built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, & Bootstrap.

Vue Calculator DEMO

Simple calculator during my learning process of Vue.js 2

CSS Calculator iOS 8 DEMO

iOS8 inspired

React Calculator DEMO

Calculator built with React.js. Inspired by http://codepen.io/tbremer/pen/wKpaWe

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