How to Make Secure & Memorable Passwords

In this topic i am going to give you one very important tip that is for all peoples who have lot’s of accounts over internet.
We all know day by day uses of internet is growing, It is making our life easy and comfortable but do you know every good things comes with some bad things too. Now a days nobody have private life who is using internet. Even you are using private browsing to hide yourself.

Actually E-Commerce portal and even every big portal storing you activities to track you like what you are looking for your interest, So That they can follow you and Sell & Advertise their brands.

So Guys our security is our own hand. That’s why today i am going to give you one very important security tip which i am using in my real life to make myself safe.

Now Lets come to the point.

How to make secure and memorable passwords.

1st lets talk about the secure passwords.

If you are a programmer then you may aware about these below points but i reminds you one more times.

1. Standard password must be at least 8 character long.

2. Password shouldn’t contain direct words found in the dictionary.

3. Password must use at least 1 or 2 uppercase character.

4. Your password should not contain easily guessed name’s like your date of birth, child name, username, number series like 1234 etc.

5. It is very important to use at least 1 or 2 special characters such as @#$%^&.

6. Use at least 2, 3 numbers in your password too.

If you follow above steps you’ll able to generate one strong password.

Now Let’s talk about how to memorize your password.

lot’s of people use to do very silly mistakes for memorizing their passwords they use same password for all internet accounts, Actuality It is vary risky if some one knows any of your account password then can get your all accounts access.

To prevent from this risk i use to create pattern for my password which help me to remember my password for each websites.

1. First decide some common strong password for all your accounts like: TestPass@@12## this string i’ll use for my all accounts password.

2. Now make it different for each websites.

Suppose you are going to log-in then you could choose this website first and last letter(FK) and add in your common passwords in any position but try to add it in middle of your password that would be great like…

I am going to add these 2 letters in after @@ then it become TestPass@@FK12##

Now some more example..
For password will be:- TestPass@@GL12##
For password will be:- TestPass@@WS12##

Hope this my personal trick will help you to make your password strong and easy to remember, If you have your own trick please share with me and we together will help people to secure their personal accounts.

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