Make typing & deleting in input text exciting & fun with fancyInput plugin

Hello Friends’s I hope you are doing great, Today I am going to introduce one more fun jquery plugin fancyInput with the help of this jquery plugin you can make your boring input and textarea field fun and more exciting, If your website of blog related to some game of funny activities then you can provide more dynamic user experience while your visitor fill the form. It uses CSS3 animations to achieve the effect.
To use it, simply include the fancyInput JS + CSS files. Don’t forget to include jquery core library on page before fancyInput JS, Because fancyInput JS library dependent on jquery.

Libraries need to include

<link rel="stylesheet" href="fancyInput.css">
<script src="//"></script>
<script src='fancyInput.js'></script>


<div><input type='text' placeholder='type something...'></div>
<div><textarea cols='1'></textarea></div>

Above i am using both input and textarea and making it fancy input typing…

Jquery fancy input function

    $('div :input').fancyInput();
    $('div :textarea').fancyInput();

See live demo and download source code..



All done you can also choose some different diffent animation see official github page Click Here