30 Popular Nodejs File Upload Script

Are you looking for Nodejs File Upload Script for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated Nodejs File Upload Script. You can use these popular Nodejs File Upload Script to make your web application more awesome.

Nodejs File Upload Script

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked Nodejs File Upload Script.

S.No. Name Details Popularity(Likes)
1 s3-angular-file-upload Example of S3 file upload using ng-file-upload, angular, nodejs 139
2 express-fileupload Simple express file upload middleware that wraps around busboy 784
3 FileUploader 基于nodejs以及html5的拖曳上传 30
4 fileupload-nodejs MongoDB file upload using NodeJS and Mongo GridFS 45
5 File-upload-Angular2-Nodejs File upload with angular 2 and node.js 28

6 embetacloud directly upload files to google drive 119
7 simple-file-uploader A file uploader written using HTML5 and Node.js. It can upload both to a local directory on the server or to an AWS S… 75
8 DropIt DropIt is a File Uploader built with nodejs, Upload, get a link, and share your files with anyone easily. 357
9 nodejs-file-upload-multer multer文件上传实例 24
10 lite-uploader Lightweight file uploader for NodeJS and jQuery with support for drag/drop, basic and custom validators and hooks for… 98
11 file-upload-with-angularjs-and-nodejs File Upload using Angular and Node 16
12 uploader File sharing platform built on Nodejs and Amazon S3 43
13 apollo-upload-examples A full stack demo of file uploads via GraphQL mutations using Apollo Server and apollo-upload-client. 275

14 nodejs-simple-file-upload a simple app for uploading files using node.js and express 17
15 nodejs-mongodb-file-uploader a simple HTML/JQuery file upload system that is powered by node.js and MongoDB’s GridFS 14
16 NodeJS-File-Upload-Examples Showing working implementations of Uploadify, Swfupload and Valums File-Uploader 7
17 gulp-ftp [DEPRECATED] Upload files to an FTP-server 101
18 nodejs-file-upload-with-mongodb Source code for article on how to upload a file with nodejs and mongodb using multer module 4
19 form-data A module to create readable `”multipart/form-data”` streams. Can be used to submit forms and file uploads to other we… 1.4k
20 node-file-uploads This is example for uploading files in nodejs with multipart and jquery 11
21 nodeJs-file-upload File upload in nodeJs with progress bar 4
22 node-file-upload Example project how to stream files while doing upload with NodeJS and Express 9
23 upLoadFiles nodeJs——Multi file upload 5
24 Loopback-Upload This project is for demonstrating how to implement file upload functionality using the NodeJS framework LoopBack, cre… 28
25 file-upload ajax +NodeJS 实现图片上传的demo 6
26 file-uploads-aws-react-node :open_file_folder: A react node and express js project to upload files on amazon web services ( AWS ) 11
27 File-Upload-Using-Multer File upload using Node.js Express.js and Multer Middleware 7
28 fileupload-nodejs-gridfs-angular2 File Upload application with Nodejs, GridFS and Angular 2 7
29 loopback-file-upload-example Example of using file system storage or AWS S3 for file uploads in Loopback 13
30 ShareX-Upload-Server AKA ShareS – Feature full & Stable ShareX and file server in node. Includes images, videos, code, text, markdown rend… 70

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