30 Popular PHP MySql Pagination Example + Script

Are you looking for PHP MySql Pagination free script for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated PHP MySql Pagination example with free source code. You can use these popular PHP MySql Pagination to make your web application more awesome.

PHP MySql Pagination

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked PHP MySql Pagination.

S.No. Name Details Popularity(Likes)
1 pdo-mysqli-pagination A PDO & MySQLi PHP Pagination Class – PDO MySQLi Pagination class is a PHP pagination class that will work with eithe… 51
2 bootstrap-pagination-php-mysql Bootstrap Pagination in PHP and MySQL 15
3 angularjs-php-mysql-crud ANGULARJS PHP MySQL CRUD With Pagination 13
4 Ajax-Pagination-in-PHP Ajax Pagination in PHP by CodexWorld – Simple PHP Pagination class to implement pagination with jQuery Ajax PHP and M… 6
5 php-pagination PHP Pagination with MySQL & Bootstrap. 6

6 paginationclass Simple PHP mySQL pagination class 9
7 codeigniter-mysql-crud Codeigniter MySQl CRUD with Pagination 3
8 vuedataviewer Simple data viewer in laravel and vue js with CRUD Search and Pagination. 9
9 php-pagination This tutorial explains how to create pagination in PHP 7 and MySQL using the Bootstrap 4 Pagination UI component. Als… 6
10 laravel-cross-eloquent-search Laravel package to search through multiple Eloquent models. Supports sorting, pagination, scoped queries, eager load … 127
11 Jquery-Ajax-Pagination-in-PHP-and-Bootstrap Jquery Ajax Pagination in PHP and Bootstrap – Simple PHP Pagination class to implement pagination with jQuery Ajax PHP … 4
12 aplicativos-php Quatro aplicativos em PHP do zero e com bons recursos 10
13 mydb The lightweight ORM for MySql and MariaDB 1

14 php-mysqli-pagination MySQLi pagination written in PHP 3
15 PHP-PDO-pagination Php built automatic article pagination with MySQL database and PDO 3
16 pagination-with-php-and-mysql Create pagination with php and mysql 2
17 tutoriais Aqui compartilho alguns tutoriais entre os melhores que tenho 31
18 PHP-pagination-with-bootstrap-3 PHP and MySql pagination with bootstrap 3 2
19 php-pagination-with-mysql-and-bootstrap Simple and lightweight PHP pagination class that works with Twitter Bootstrap perfectly. Manages pagination variables… 2
20 php_bs_grid php datagrid with bootstrap frontend 5
21 pagination pagination with php mysql
22 laravel-auto Laravel Auto – a helper package to make automated lists with filters, sorting and paging like no other 39
23 Pagination Pagination project using PHP/MySQL
24 pagination PHP pagination using MySQL (Simplified)
25 PHPagination PHP MySQL Pagination Class 1
26 pagination A simple Dynamic List – PHP MYSQL pagination
27 PHP-MYSQL-Pagination PHP MYSQL Pagination 1
28 php_paginator PHP and MySQL pagination. 1
29 PHP-MYSQL-AJAX-Paginations This is Amazing PAgination Library for short and long projects for beginers 1
30 Bootstrap-Pagination-PHP-Mysql

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