25+ PHP MySql Star Rating Script

Are you looking for PHP MySql Star Rating Script for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated PHP MySql Star Rating Script. You can use these popular PHP MySql Star Rating Script to make your web application more awesome.


PHP MySql Star Rating Script

Following are the list of popular top rated hand licked PHP MySql Star Rating Script.

S.No. Name Details Popularity(Likes)
1 star-rating-php-mysql-jquery Star rating demo using Jquery, PHP and Mysql 3
2 Awesomstar Awesome (star)rating system with PHP, MySQL and pure JavaScript. 14
3 star-rating Solución Javascript+PHP+CSS para incorporar sistema de valoración en páginas.
4 colorrating A PHP/jQuery based 5-star Ajax rating script. 1
5 star-rating-php 5

6 PHP-Star-Rating-System Create a start rating style system with PHP and rate articles, posts, or anything else. 4
7 jQuery-ajax-star-rating-system jQuery ajax start rating system is an hour long video tutorial where you will learn how to use Php,ajax,mysql and jQu… 3
8 bootstrap-star-rating-codeigniter dynamic bootstrap star rating with codeigniter 1
9 Francium-Star 5 Star Rating System In PHP 2
10 star-rating Exercise files for the course Star rating with CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL 2
11 phpStarRating Simple PHp star rating 1
12 PHPstar PHP Star Rating System
13 StarRating PHP Star Rating

14 StarRatingSystem A JavaScript free version of the popular star rating system. Implemented with HTML, PHP, and CSS. This will be of use… 2
15 5StarRating PHP 5 Star Rating Library 1
16 JavaScript_JQuery_PHP_Star_Rating JavaScript CSS star rating system. 1
17 five-star rating with 5 star rating system in php, sql, css
18 PHP-Star-Rating-System Simple PHP article rating plugin 1
19 fractional-stars LAMP AJAX Star Rating System 1
20 php-star-rating
21 ajax-rating Ajax MySQL, PHP, JavaScript 5 star rating script
22 star-rating Solución Javascript+PHP+CSS para incorporar sistema de valoración en páginas.
23 star_rating user rating using ajax,php and javascipt with font awsome icons
24 Leytech_RatingStars A Magento extension to replace the product rating radio inputs with selectable stars 1
25 rating-system-project 5 Star Rating System Using Jquery, Ajax and PHP 1
26 PHP-Value-To-Visual-Star-Rating PHP Value To Visual Star Rating with Font Awesome
27 test-php-nhtsa-api Assignment: NHTSA NCAP 5 Star Safety Ratings API
28 Suja-StarRating Project using PHP/MySQL for Social media feature (star rating and Comments)
29 star-renderer A class to render out star ratings

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