30 Popular Angular Star Rating Directive

Are you looking for Angular Star Rating Directive for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated Angular Star Rating Directive. Star rating hep to display quick review about your product and services. You can use these popular Angular Star Rating Directive to make your web application more awesome.


Angular Star Rating Directive

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked Angular Star Rating Directive.

S.No. Name Short Description Popularity
1 ionic2-rating :star: Angular 4 component that renders star rating bars. Built for Ionic 2+. 176
2 angular-star-rating Star Rating Angular Component written in typescript, based on css only techniques. 138
3 angular-input-stars Create rating inputs easily 76
4 angular-rateit This directive was inspired by the jQuery (star)rating plugin RateIt. However this package will work without jQuery. 50
5 star-rating-angular-material A star rating component in angular material 22

6 angular1-star-rating Angular 1.5 Component written in typescript, based on css only techniques. 21
7 ng-star-rating Highly Customizable and Responsive Star Rating library built using Angular 9
8 rating-stars Angular 2 component for rating stars via @AngularClass 7
9 angular-decimal-star-rating Updated on 3 Feb 2017 7
10 Star-Rating Star Rating with partial selection (CANVAS) — Angular (1 & 2) and ReactJS 5
11 angular-star-rating An angular directive for rating 5
12 angular-star-rating Simple star rating directive 5
13 angular-rating-star Updated on 13 Sep 2018 5

14 star-rating-web-component Star Rating web component. Framework-independent: use with Ionic, Angular, Vue, React, vanilla Javascript, etc. You c… 4
15 angular-bootstrap-ratings Three angular-bootstrap modules needed to implement 5 star ratings 3
16 Angular-Star-Rating-Component MIT license 3
17 angular-star-rating Simple Angular Component for Showcasing Ratings 3
18 ngx-stars Simple stars rating component for Angular >= 2 3
19 starmarks A Chrome extension for adding ratings to bookmarks and a manager built in Angular 3
20 ionic-rating-stars This directive angular.js contains one container for rating with stars. [DEPRECATED] 2
21 angular-star-rating Angular Star Rating Directive 2
22 star_rating_component Material Star Rating Component for AngularDart 2
23 angular-ratings :star::star::star::star::star: An Angular directive to view or submit ratings. 1
24 star-ratings Star ratings control developed using Angular 1
25 dynamic-star-rating angular 1
26 ng2-neutron-rating Robust star rating npm module for angular 2+ 1
27 star-my-stuff A simple Angular/Ionic app for giving star ratings to all your posessions and experiences
28 emptyAngular star rating
29 angular2-rating Angular2 Star Rating component
30 angularStarsRating Star rating directive

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