30 Popular JQuery password strength meter

Are you looking for Jquery password strength meter for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated Jquery password strength meter. Password strength meter helps to detect is password strong or week so that user can choose strong password for their account.You can use these popular Jquery password strength meter to make your web application more awesome.


Jquery password strength meter

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked Jquery password strength meter.

S.No. Name Short Description Popularity
1 jquery.ui.pwstrength jQueryUI Password Strength Meter 26
2 Strength.js The ultimate jQuery password input plugin. Featuring secure strength indicator and hide/show password 229
3 password-strength-meter A password strength meter for jQuery 79
4 password_strength jQuery password strength plugin 22
5 strengthify Combine jQuery and zxcvbn to create a password strength meter 43

6 pass-meter Simple password strength testing. 17
7 jquery.pwstrength A jQuery plugin to indicate the strength of passwords 21
8 jQuery.passwordStrength jQuery.passwordStrength is a small jQuery plugin that visualizes the strength of a password entered into an input field. 17
9 jquery-strength A jquery plugin that indicate strength for password field. 10
10 password-checker Password Checker is a jQuery plugin to detect the strength of the password entered by the user. 12
11 jQuery-Password-Entropy A jQuery plug-in to estimate the strength of a user input password. 12
12 password_strength Simple JQuery plugin which measure the effectiveness of a password in resisting guessing and brute-force attacks. 3
13 PasswordStrength jQuery Plugin to work out how long a hacker with a modern PC would take to hack your password. 10

14 jquery_password_strength_meter A Jquery plugin to evaluate passwords strengths 8
15 pwdMeter pwdMeter is a small password strength meter plugin for jQuery that provides a neat and easy way to show the user’s pa… 5
16 PasswordStrengthIndicator Password strength indicator using jQuery and XML 2
17 jquery.ui.pwstrength A password strength meter for jQueryUI 3
18 PasswordStrength PasswordStrength is a jQuery plugin to measure the strength of a password typed by the user. 2
19 jQuery-Password-Strength A jQuery plugin that tests the strength of a password. 2
20 super-heroes-password-jquery-plugin jQuery Plugin – Password Strength 2
21 jquery-pwd-measure jQuery.pwdMeasure.js is jQuery plug-in that measure the strength of the password. 6
22 jquery-pwdstr Jquery password strength meter based on days to crack 3
23 jquery.passwordstrength jQuery plugin to check the strength of a password 2
24 bootstrap-password-strength-meter A simple jQuery plugin to display strength of user’s password using Twitter Bootsrap components and zxcvbn. 2
25 bootstrap-zxcvbn A jQuery plugin to estimate password strength using Dropbox zxcvbn library and Bootstrap v4. 5
26 PasswordStrength Password Strength Width Jquery 1
27 PasswordStrength Password Strength checker using Jquery 1
28 jQuery.passwordStrength jQuery.passwordStrength,簡單的密碼強度檢測插件 1
29 jQuery.passwordStrength
30 PasswordCheckerJQuery Password Strength Checker – JQuery

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