Responsive and Touch-friendly jQuery Audio Player Plugin

Responsive and Touch-friendly jQuery Audio Player Plugin- Are you looking for audio player plugin for your website If yes then In this post I am going to share A jQuery audio player plugin that is responsive and touch-friendly. The UI is css-only, no images used. audioplayer.js is simple jQuery library to create minimal, clean, responsive, touch-friendly audio players from HTML5 tag.

 jQuery Audio Player Plugin

Integrate Responsive and Touch-friendly jQuery Audio Player Plugin


Add required jQuery Audio Player libraries along with jQuery core library.

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/audioplayer.css" />
 <script src="//"></script>
 <script src="js/audioplayer.js"></script>


Just the typical usage of the tag. The plugin replaces targeted elements with some HTML and JavaScript events attached to it.You can use it to your website or blog, Makrdown supported.

<audio src="sample.mp3" preload="auto" controls></audio>
<!-- Auto Play & Loop -->
<audio src="sample.wav" preload="auto" controls autoplay loop></audio>


Call the plugin to create audio player.

$(function() {

See live demo and download source code.


Visit official github repository for more information and follow for future updates. Don’t forget to read license for using this plugin in your projects.