Simple hybrid mobile app using ionic framework + power of angularjs

Here you are going to learn how to create your first mobile app using ionic framework

Why ionic framework?

I personally suggest you to use ionic framework. If you are planning to create any hybrid app, Because ionic have power of angular.js and cordova, We all knows angular.js is gaining popularity for designing one page application.
Learn more about ionic framework

So time to start for creating our first mobile app using ionic framework.

  1. Fist install npm on your system, I have linux(ubuntu) machine so i ran
$ sudo apt-get install npm
  1. Install Nodejs
$ sudo apt-get install nodejs
  1. Now time to install cordova and ionic from npm.
$ sudo npm install -g cordova ionic

check ionic is installed successfully in your system or not by typing

$ ionic --v


If you installed all the packages successfully then feel you become ionic.

  1. Now create your first ionic hello world app. because in programming world everything starts from hello world.

Create your first demo android app run below command.

$ ionic start helloword tabs


Go to your directory using cd command and define platform for your app and build it.
For android platform

$ cd helloworld
$ ionic platform add android
$ ionic build android

For ios platform

$ cd helloworld
$ ionic platform add ios
$ ionic build ios

Your helloworld app directory will look like..

Go to helloworld/www/ folder and double click on index.html and you can see your running ionic app.



You can run your app on browser and make changes after that build your app and emulate on android device but for building and emulating your app you need to setup android developer tool.
After configuration of android developer tool you need to create android emulator to run your ionic app for testing on android device

 $ ionic emulate android

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