SVG charting library to display daily graph of a stock market security – Dailychart.js

Dailychart.js is a tiny standalone SVG charting library written in javascript to display daily graph of a stock market security.
Install plugin via NPM

npm install dailychart


Include the library

var Dailychart = require('dailychart');

of include the file

<script src='./path/to/dailychart.js'></script>


Create a placeholder element for the stock chart and specify the data using the following data attributes:

  • data-dailychart-values: points
  • data-dailychart-close: the close value of the previous trading session
  • data-dailychart-length: the number of points in the trading session
<div id="chart"


#chart {
  width: 80px;
  height: 30px;


Initialize the stock chart with default settings.

ar el = document.getElementById('chart');
new Dailychart(el, [options]);

You can also use list options to customize the plugins:

  • width – Chart width. If not set it equals to container’s width.
  • height – Chart height. If not set it equals to container’s height.
  • lineWidth – Line width of the graph (default: 1).
  • colorPositive – Color of the positive part of the graph (default: ‘#33AE45’).
  • colorNegative – Color of the negative part of the graph (default: ‘#EB5757’).
  • fillPositive – Fill color of the positive area (default: ”).
  • fillNegative – Fill color of the negative area (default: ”).
  • closeWidth – Width of the close line (default: 1).
  • closeColor – Color of the close line (default: ‘#e0e0e0’).

See live demo and download source code.


This awesome script developed by dailychart, Visit their official github repository for more information and follow for future updates.

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