Top 5 New Cool Invention You must Know About It

If you are a technology freak Guy then you must know about the latest technology trends. In this post I am going to share top 5 new cool invention with you so that you get updated about what’s new people are creating to make your work / life easy.

Top 5 New Cool Invention

Top 5 New Cool Invention

1:- ShieldX – The Coolest Way to Carry Your Keys

ShieldX is a patent pending, chrome plated aerospace aluminum & carbon fiber key holder that holds up to 10 keys inside its strong, compact compartment. Each key is easily accessible with a simple flick motion when you need to use them.

2:- LeviZen – Levitate water & feel zero gravity

It’s mind bending to see water levitate on Earth because of gravity of course. Well, as you may know from our previous Kickstarter project, we like to tease gravity. So, we’re pleased to announce our next product, LeviZen, the mind blowing liquid levitator!

3:- Quin Helmets | Smart About Safety

Quin is the smart helmet that finally brings motorcycle helmet safety up to speed with the 21st century, and makes it accessible to every rider.

4:- CASWELL “MORPHING KARAMBIT” Premium Utility Knife

The Karambit knife is a traditional agricultural tool, well regarded for utility in routine chores. It is an ancient style recognized by its curved blade and pronounced safety-ring handle. As with other “daily implements,” the karambit style knife is known to various traditional martial arts disciplines. Today, it is favored by many emergency first responders, tradespeople, adventurers, outdoors enthusiast, collectors … just about anyone with use for a pocket knife.

5:- Sense – Smart Sensor with Push Alerts

Sense is a tiny device that can monitor various atmospheric variables including temperature, moisture, air pressure, light intensity, noise level and CO2 level, movements, and more. Thanks to multiple built-in sensors and machine learning, Sense learns about you and your environment and sends you push notifications containing useful information and recommendations about the environment. It gets more useful and accurate as you use Sense longer and longer.